Alloy Jimenez’s white socks leave the game with tightness in the right foot

Alloy Jimenez of the Chicago White Sox has returned to the squad, which will be active this week

White Sox outfielder Alloy Jimenez was crippled after catching Ramirez’s liner to end the sixth inning and his right leg tightened, leading to Chicago’s 2-1 win over Cleveland.

He was 0 for 3 with two shots before coming out of the game to start the seventh inning. The team said it was the day of the day.

He recently returned in late April after injuring his hamstring while running on first base. With his return the team is taking him at a slower pace, placing him in the left field and positioned as the assigned hitter.

Jimenez has suffered frequent injuries over the past two seasons, breaking a chest muscle in spring training last year and injuring his hamstring this season. His career is 116 ops-plus, but the last two seasons saw only 270 plates.

Jimenez smashed 31 homers as a threat in 2019 and then scored 296 runs in 14 games, including 14 home runs, in a season plagued by the 2020 epidemic. He was limited to 55 games last year after suffering an injury while trying to catch a home run during a spring training game.

Jesse Rogers of ESPN and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

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