Pittsburgh Steelers’ home venue to be Akrisur Stadium, ending two decades as Heinz Field

Pittsburgh – The Pittsburgh Steelers’ home location is undergoing major changes.

Known as Heinz Field since its inception in 2001, the stadium will now be known as Akresur Stadium this season, the team announced Monday.

The terms of the new 15-year contract have not been announced. But Acrisure, which ranks as the top 10 global insurance broker, has raised more than $ 3.8 billion in revenue in just eight years. It also has the right to name an indoor arena to be built near Palm Springs.

“We look forward to partnering with Acrisure for the rights to our stadium name,” said Art Rooney II, president of Steelers. “Acrisure gave us the opportunity to ensure that our stadium is a valuable asset to our fans and at the same time maintain the market value of the NFL Stadium.”

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Heinz initially signed a 20-year contract worth 57 57 million for rights called Heinz Field in 2001 and extended it to the 2021 season last year.

Rooney was “optimistic” that the stadium would be named after him earlier this year, but in the end, the Kraft Heinz Company did not renew its naming rights. But on Monday, Heinz posted a social media message – with a highlight reel – reassuring Pittsburgh fans that the partnership would continue, raising questions about the future of ketchup bottles.

There are currently two iconic ketchup bottles on the stadium’s video board. When the steelers reach the red zone, a bright red stream of ketchup is seen flowing through the bottles and into the videoboard.

Kraft and Heinz merged in 2015 to form the Kraft Heinz Company, both co-headquartered in Chicago and Pittsburgh.

Acrisure, meanwhile, is a Michigan-based insurance brokerage. And although the company has no local ties to Pittsburgh like Heinz, Acrisure recently bought a stake in Tulco, a tech company in Pittsburgh, and was founded by Thomas Tull, a minority owner of Steelers. Following the 2020 acquisition, Tull became chairman of Acrisure Technology Group.

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