Aaron Rogers or Patrick Mahomes: Who wants to prove it?

Aaron Rogers And Patrick Mahoms Two best quarterbacks NFL,

Both recently lost their place in the top five with the widely regarded wide receivers.

So which QB will take more responsibility in the 2022 season? Greg Jennings believes it’s Mahoms, not his former colleague, who wants to prove it.

Does Aaron Rogers or Patrick Mahomes have anything else to prove?

Does Aaron Rogers or Patrick Mahomes have anything else to prove?

Greg Jennings explains why Patrick Mahomes, who lost Tyrick Hill, has more to prove this season than Aaron Rogers, who lost Davonte Adams and played with the young receiver Corps.

“When you look at Aaron Rogers, I don’t think people give enough credit to his head coach Matt Laflur,” Jennings claimed Tuesday. “Aaron Rogers has flattened the playing field when he needs to be around. They didn’t have a running game before and now they are one of the most balanced teams in all of football. When you have it, you can now hire people and play with your system. “

Jennings said Tyrick Hill’s defeat to Mahoms would be a bigger blow than Rogers’ breakup with Davante Adams.

“Unless Tyrick Hill grants bail to Patrick Mahomes – and I ask him to bail, because Patrick Mahomes, an unprecedented talent, obviously, a set of skills – does what he does when he needs a play and has his back to the wall. But does that happen?” Jennings mentioned. “He shouts, he does what he does best, he comes out of his pocket, he looks at the field and he sees this ‘leopard’ somehow open. That will not happen now. “

Rogers, on the other hand, has spent much of his long career without Adams with six games in the 2019-20 campaign.

“Davante Adams is the best receiver in the game, he’s going to miss Davante Adams a lot,” Jennings insisted. “However, we’ve seen what Matt Laflur and Aaron Rogers can do and what they can do in Adams’ absence.”

In addition to the offensive system of the Packers and Chiefs, Jennings focused on the quality of the competition Mahoms faced. The NFC is known as the weakest council and the NFC is one of the weakest divisions in the Northern League. This could mean less stress for the ruling MVP Rogers.

“We’ve never seen what it looks like [Mahomes] There’s a long way to go without Tyrick Hill, “Jennings added.” Let’s see what he has to do in his department. Seven out of 10 [best] The quarterback, along with the Mahomes, is in the AFC. Three of these seven are in his division and we can argue that Derek Cars may be on this list. The road to the Super Bowl is more challenging and difficult when we look at Mahoms ’situation. [face],,

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