Aaron Judge settles with the New York Yankees, avoiding arbitration

Aaron Judge settles with the New York Yankees, avoiding arbitration

Aaron Judge and the New York Yankees have reached an agreement for the 2022 season avoiding arbitration, sources confirmed to ESPN.

On the eve of this season, the judge turned down an offer of a $ 213.5 million contract from the Yankees, instead he could become a clearing agent for this fall. Sources offer ESPN’s Buster Olney the Yankees to settle at midpoint – 19 million. But the judge refused, and instead aimed at winning the arbitration, both management and union officials believed that the immediate economic scenario for the players would change in the future.

The New York Post first reported to the judge, and the Yankees agreed to a settlement.

The judge is fast becoming the first player in more than two decades to reach 60 homers this year, a potential leading runner for AL MVP, as well as reaching more than 1,000 OPS this year.

The 30-year-old judge has been paid a pro-rate salary based on a $ 17 million offer from the Yankees.

He was one of the best players in the Major when the judge was on the field. In his first full season of 2017, he played 155 games and collected 52 homers, scored 128, won the AL Rookie of the Year and finished second behind the Astros ’Jose Altuve in MVP voting.

But in the 2018-2020 season, the judges lost 142 matches due to several injuries. The judge re-emerged in 2021, playing 148 games and finishing fourth in the AL MVP poll.

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