2022 NHL Offseason – Grade on all major trades

The NHL off-season is in full swing, the 2022 draft is complete, and the free agency will begin July 13. Teams are already in business, especially the Chicago Blackhawks who forwarded Alex Debrinkt and Kirby Dach on the first day of the draft.

Looking for insights on the biggest deals of the off-season? Find grades for both GMs included in each swap here:

July 12


Go wild: Cam Talbot
Senators get: Philip Gustavsson

Business grade

July 8


Get Flyers: Tony Diangelo and the seventh round of selection in 2022
Get the storm: 101 () in 2022, third round selection in 2023 (lowest of Philly’s three), second round selection in 2024

Business grade


Get the blues: Selected 73 in the 2022 draft
Gets red feathers: Despicable smile

Business grade


Demons are found: G Vitek Venacek and No. 46 pick (Seamus Casey) in the 2022 draft
The capital is: No. 37 (Ryan Chesley) and No. 70 were chosen in the 2022 draft

Business grade

July 7


Get Blackhawks: 7 (Kevin Korchinsky) and No. 39 Pick (Paul Ludwinski) in the 2022 draft; Third round selection In 2023
Senators get: F. Alex Debricata

Business grade


Get Blackhawks: 2022 draft no. 13 (Frank Nazar) and No. 66 Pick (Gavin Hayes)
Canadians meet: f kirby dacho
Islanders get: D. Alexander Romanov

Business grade

June 29


Go wild: Elected 19th in the 2022 draft (F. Liam Ogren) and de Brock FaboR.
Kings get:
F. Kevin Fiala

Business grade

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