YouTuber Harsha Sai reacted to rumors of his participation in the show

Famous YouTuber Harsh Sai is known for helping people. Like Mr. Beast, Harsh also brings good luck to those who expect it. By doing so, they have gained about 1 crore subscribers in three languages, Telugu, Hindi and Tamil.

Rumors have been circulating recently that Harsh Sai will be seen in the sixth season of Bigg Boss Telugu. The logo launch of season 6 discussed Harsh Sai.

Some fans said that they want to see Harsh in this show, while others said that Harsh will never do such a commercial show. After the news went viral, Harsh reacted and issued an explanation. He said, ‘I’m not likely to get into Bigg Boss. What matters to me is my freedom. I can be who I want to be and I can present myself the way I want to be. My YouTube videos come in whenever I want. I don’t follow a routine to release my videos regularly. I do it whenever I feel like it. “

There is a special reason why fans are so impressed with YouTuber not going to Bigg Boss. Usually, YouTubers make a lot of money from videos and entertaining people. But Harsh Sai comes from a rich family who helps people with whatever he earns from his family.

Internet Sensation helps the poor in new and fun ways and posts videos about it on her channel. This is the reason why people consider him a noble man and in his opinion going to a commercial show like Bigg Boss means just lowering his status to get some money and fame.

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