WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results, Recaps and Highlights: June 3, 2022

For this Sunday’s event, a superstar returned with a changed gimmick that set a No Holds Bard Encounter. Also, there was a six-pack challenge to determine the new number-one contestant for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Check out the recap and results from Friday night’s June 3 episode of SmackDown at the Scottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio.

SmackDown begins with The New Day’s Coffee Kingston and Xavier Woods. He invited Drew McIntyre into the ring and thanked him for joining in last week’s victory over The Browling Brutus and gave him the honorary “Big D” cult.

McIntyre then challenged the Roman Regions to a clash at Castle in September and vowed to win the undisputed WWE Universal Championship. The Browling Brutes eventually interrupted the opening set of the night.

– The Browling Brutes (Sheams, Ridge Holland and Butch) defeated The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) and Drew McIntyre in last week’s rematch.

McIntyre knocked Holland out of the ring but Sheams’ brogue kick was digested. Inside the ring, Woods swings over Holland, allowing Butcher to catch Beatrice’s end to win the pin.

– Max Dupree informs WWE executive Adam Pierce that he has found his first client for maximum male models and details will be revealed next week.

– Jinder Mahal (with Shanki) defeats Humberto (with Angel) when Shanki distracts by dancing. Humberto pinned the distracted Jinder through a roll-up.

– Natalya defeated Alia, Scottzy, Zia Lee, Shaina Bazler and Raquel Rodriguez in a six-pack challenge to become the # 1 contender for Rhonda Rossi’s SmackDown Women’s Championship. Alia was also advertised for the match, but Shotz locked her in the women’s locker room.

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Champion Rhonda Rossi was present on the ringside for this match. Natalya, Rodriguez Suplex-Ed Scottzi, and later Wader dropped his revolving bombs on both women.

Natalya’s tag team partner Bazler jumped on Rodriguez’s back as Natalya covered the shot to win the pin.

– Happy Corbin cut a promo on Madcap Moss, back with new theme music and changed attitudes. Madcap challenged Corbin to a match, which was denied but Adam Pierce came out and authorized it.

– When Happy Corbin defeated Madcap Moss by DQ in this match, Madcap hit him with a steel chair. WWE officials rushed in and prevented Madcap from doing further damage to Corbin with that chair.

Then, Adam Pierce announced Happy Corbin vs. Madcap Moss in the No Holds Bard match for Sunday’s Hell in a Cell 2022 premium live event.

– ricochet (c) v. Gunther was announced for next week’s SmackDown Intercontinental Championship

– Usos (C) defeated Riddle and Shinsuke Nakamura to retain the undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship at SmackDown’s main event.

When Roman Rance’s music began to play, Riddle jumped off the top rope and into the Super RKO. JE took advantage and hit Frogsplash from there to win the pin-fall.

After the match, the cameras showed Sammy Zen in an advertisement for a production truck playing Raines’ music. Zen came out to celebrate with The Usos, but Riddle ran down the ramp and started arguing with him to take the show off-air.

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