Wimbledon: Ons Jaber becomes first African woman to reach slam final Tennis News

London: ons Jabeuri His one-hour, 43-minute semifinals featured 39 winners – drop shots, trick variations, treats and Echo of Thunder. She was later rescued by Sparkler.
A forehand error by Tatjana Maria Put in jabo Wimbledon Tunisia, who lost in the final on Thursday, added another chapter to their historic accusation. The 27-year-old became the first North African and Arab woman to reach the Major Championship with a 6-2, 3-6, 6-1 victory.
Jaber and Maria, close friends, quarreled violently, throwing mud at each other. Not giving angles or lines to escape to another. They shook hands and cheered the winners, their teams cheered enthusiastically and their minds moved as fast as their footsteps.

Jaber accepted the initial responsibility and Maria, a mother of two, responded with her version in the second set. Then, after hitting the last ball, they met for a statement on the net – best friends can compete with each other.
After their exchange on the net was completed, Jabur took Maria, ranked 103, to the center and re-introduced her to the Central Court. Respect punctuation literally.

“He hit me on the court, it was harder to run for the ball (play than my friend),” Jabor said.
“Now he has to make a barbecue for all the runs I make. Tatjana, who reached the semi-finals for the first time, deserves a lot of respect. The way she plays, the way she fights.
“If I didn’t see her two children, I would say she never had children. It’s amazing how she walks the court. It’s really inspiring for many women,” said Maria Ki Jaber, 34, who is in her first major semifinal.

“When I play tennis, I focus on myself. For me, it’s just one Tennis Milan We did not go to war or anything. I have a lot of respect for him. If she had won today, she would have been 100 per cent eligible, ”said Jaber, who is ranked second in the world.
Jabour, who won the title in Berlin, said his dream of reaching the final on Church Road came true.
“It simply came to our notice then. I will continue one more match now, ”she said. “I am a proud Tunisian woman standing here today, I know everyone in Tunisia is crazy now. I look forward to seeing more Tunisian and African players on tour. ”

In Saturday’s final, Jaber will face the 17th Moscow-born player. Elena Ryabkina,
The 23-year-old, who has represented Kazakhstan since 2018, lost in the second semifinal to 2019 champion Simona Halep 6-3, 6-3.

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