While visiting Rishi Kapoor’s wedding, Neetu Kapoor said that she was drunk, this is the reason

Throwback photo of Neetu Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor’s wedding

Recalling their wedding, Neetu Kapoor said that the crowd made her and Rishi Kapoor very upset and they both fainted.

The demise of Rishi Kapoor has left a huge void in the life of his wife Neetu Kapoor. Returning to Bollywood after a long hiatus, Neetu is losing the presence of veteran actor. At the age of 15, she met Rishi Kapoor and got married in 1980 after working together in several films. Remembering the actor, Neetu Kapoor shared a happy occasion at their wedding.

Recently, Neetu Kapoor along with her co-stars Varun Dhawan, Anil Kapoor and Kiara Advani appeared on Swiggy’s YouTube channel for the promotion of her Jug Jug Jio film. Clearly chatting with the influential Dolly Singh, the actors reminisced about their wedding days. It all started when Dolly Singh asked if she would attend X’s wedding if given the chance. Replying to this, Anil Kapoor jokingly said that I myself was not present at his wedding. He said there were only five people at his wedding who wanted to find himself.

Neetu Kapoor, on the other hand, revealed that her wedding had a huge crowd of around 5000 guests. Recalling their wedding, Neetu said that the crowd made her and Rishi Kapoor very upset and they both fainted. “I fell unconscious because there were so many people and my husband was scared of the crowd, so he fell unconscious before he could get on the horse. So he was eating brandy. I was eating brandy. So that’s how we got married, I was drunk while going round, ”she said.

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She also revealed that her wedding had pick-pockets who wore well-dressed and presented her with stones and slippers. Due to the presence of many people, they could not even distinguish between a true guest and a gatekeeper.

Neetu Kapoor’s latest film, Jagjag Jio is a rollercoaster of emotions. The film, which was released today, is getting good response from the audience.

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