Vikram gives health update, finds false reports claiming he had a heart attack

Last Updated: 12 July 2022, 19:24 IST

Tamil actor Vikram assures fans that he is OK, blaming the media for misinformation.

Vikram gives fans health updates after being admitted to the hospital as ‘mild chest pain’. The actor assured the fans that he is fine now.

Tamil actor Vikram was admitted to a hospital in Chennai last Friday, just hours before the teaser launch of his much-awaited period drama. Ponyin Selvan: I. Soon rumors spread that he had suffered a heart attack. Vikram’s manager Suryanarayana M, as well as hospital officials, dismissed the claim. The actor appeared for the first time since the incident on Monday and gave fans a health update.

According to PTI, he assured that he has ‘mild chest discomfort’ for which he visited the hospital. “There was a slight discomfort in the chest. For that I went to the hospital. But they were blown away. I’m fine काहीच Nothing will happen to me when you’re all with me. My family, friends, fans and you are there for me, ”Vikram said on Monday evening at the audio launch of his upcoming Tamil film Cobra.

He reported to a section of the media that he had falsely claimed to have had a heart attack. He said there was a lot of misinformation about his health and he noticed that some people tried to create more frenzy and anxiety about their health by changing their face in the patient’s picture.

“I shouldn’t put my hand on my chest. They (the media) can claim that I have had a heart attack. I can imagine what title they might choose for tomorrow’s edition. They can say that Vikram confirmed what they predicted.” It can be said that when Cobra was on stage for the audio launch, Vikram indicated that he had suffered a heart attack, “he said.

Cobra is one of Vikram’s upcoming films. Directed by Ajay Gyanmuthu and composed by AR Rahman. The film, which will be released in August, also stars Srinidhi Shetty, Mia George, Roshan Mathew and Irrfan Pathan, who are making their feature film debuts.

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