USFL Week 8 Player of the Week: Case Cooks, Chris Odom

The inaugural session USFL Marked by exceptional performance.

Week 8 was no different, when many players left eye-opening performances – some of them when their teams really needed them.

But the three players really went beyond the call of duty and that’s why they are your 8th player of the week.

Let’s see

Offensive Player of the Week: Case CookQB, Philadelphia stars

Cooks was so good at Sunday’s 46-24 victory over the Michigan Panthers that he won two prizes – for the best pass. And Best Run – In our selection for the best plays of Week 8.

In the first game, Cooks avoided the crowd and dropped a 51-yard dime into two defenders for a touchdown pass. After that, he went 79 yards for a quick touchdown on a play he told.The most athletic thing I’ve ever done.,

All of this leads Joel Clatt to say that he was planning to fill the ballot box for Cooks, but we’re not sure he needed that either.

Cook had a great day, completing 26 of 20 passes for 247 yards and four touchdowns, running for 102 yards and scoring second on just three carry.

Defensive Player of the Week: Chris OdomDay, Houston Gambler

There is no denying that this is a difficult season for 1-7 gamblers. But Odom is a place that is clearly and brightly lit everywhere. Sunday’s match against the Tampa Bay Bandits was a great example.

6-4, 260-pounder Odom was in the bandits’ backfield all day, making five tackles, three sacks and one tackle in Houston’s 13-3 defeat.

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Odom, 27, who played seven games for the Green Bay Packers in 2017 and four for Washington in 2019, is now out of the league-leading 11 by eight games. He is followed by Adam Rodriguez of Philadelphia with four more sacks.

Special Team Player of the Week: Cole Murphy, K., Michigan Panthers

Ahmed not only lined up and drilled the USFL-record 61-yard field goal on Saturday, he also cleared the bar easily with the ball, in addition to the yards.

“It simply came to our notice then. It hit the back of the net! “Shannon Sharp slammed” Undisputed. “

Here’s what it looks like from the ground up.

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