The photo of Amber Heard kissing a woman has gone viral

The defamation suit brought by Johnny Depp against his ex-wife Amber Heard is long overdue. However, this case has become a favorite of the people and from time to time photographs and old interviews are appearing on the internet. Now, new photos of Amber have surfaced on social media in which she is seen kissing a woman who claims to be Cara Delevingne on the internet. Popcorn Planet, a YouTube channel run by filmmaker Andy Signer, has released granular photos of Amber and Carra allegedly kissing each other.

In the pictures, we can see Amber entering the elevator and then, guessing that it is Cara, approaching the woman and hugging her. Then she leans over and starts kissing him. The whole incident is captured on a CCTV camera in the elevator. Various media reports have also claimed that the elevator is where the photo of Amber with Elon Musk and James Franco was first published.

Earlier, even during the trial, Johnny had accused his ex-wife of cheating on him during their marriage. He also claimed that Amber had a ‘threesome’ with Musk and Kara in his apartment. However, Amber had rejected all these claims.

It should also be noted that the photos are unverified and do not mention any date. It is also difficult to say whether this incident took place before their marriage.

Meanwhile, on June 1, a seven-member jury from Fairfax County, Virginia, ruled in favor of Johnny after Amber defamed him in a 2018 op-ed. Not only that, but he asked the actress to pay 8. 8.4 million for the damage to Johnny’s image and career. Depp was reported to have gone ahead with a defamation suit against Heard after sharing the stage with Jeff Beck to perform at the Helsinki Blues Festival in Finland.

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