Ten Hag on Man United Preseason Liverpool defeat: We made mistakes

BANGKOK, Thailand – Eric Ten Hague has said he will not be disappointed with Manchester United’s 4-0 win over Liverpool in the first leg of the season after seeing “mistakes” in his team’s performance.

United started their tour of Thailand and Australia with goals from Jurgen Klopp, goals from Jadon Sancho, Fred, Anthony Marshall and Fasundo Palestri.

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Ten Hague later said he was happy with the result, but insisted there was plenty of room for improvement, citing Klopp’s decision to play 30 different teams for 30 minutes as the main reason behind the result.

“Of course we’re satisfied today because I think this team was very enthusiastic and we know we’re just starting out and things have gone wrong, of course,” he said. “We pressed, we made some mistakes in repression, we accepted some opportunities, but we did a lot.

“I think our team played with courage, played actively. We have to work hard to make mistakes but of course we are happy in the first game.

“I’ve seen a lot of mistakes. You wouldn’t say that [when you look] But to be honest with the result, Liverpool play in three teams.

“It simply came to our notice then. We should not exaggerate [be careful],,

Ten Hague picked a strong team to start the game at the Rajmangala National Stadium and made 10 changes in half time.

Fred’s goal was the biggest since the Brazilian midfielder crushed Alison from the edge of the box, and one of the night’s downsides for United was an injury to David de Gea, which knocked him out in the second half.

“I know we have good players,” Ten Hague said. “Now we want to build a team and we have just started the first game, so I am happy with the first game.

“I’ve seen some really great things and I think what you see is that we have a lot of creativity and the ability to move forward.”

While United are heading to Melbourne to play Melbourne Victory and Crystal Palace, Liverpool head to Singapore and face the Palace.

“The result is that we have to accept that,” Klopp said after United’s defeat. “We were able to score our own goals and the goals we scored were almost useful.

“I saw a lot of good things but the game came very early. Mistakes happen in football. It was very open and it was very clear where we went wrong. “

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