Neetu Chandra says she was offered Rs 25 lakh a month to become the “salaried wife” of a businessman.



Neetu Chandra says she was offered Rs 25 lakh per month to become the 'salaried wife' of a businessman.

Neetu Chandra shared this photo. (Courtesy: Nituchandra Srivastava)

Known for films like Neetu Chandra Oh lucky Good luck! And Mithila butterThe incident came to light when a businessman asked her to be his “salaried wife”. In a recent interview to the Bollywood season, the actress revealed that even after working with 13 national award winners, she has no job and she does not like the industry. Within an hour of the audition, he also missed an audition that was rejected by a popular casting director in Bollywood.

,My story is the failure story of a successful actress (My story is the story of the failure of a successful actor). With 13 national award winners and after working in such big films, I am nowhere to be found today. I was told by a big businessman that he would pay me Rs 25 lakh per month and I want to be his salaried wife, ”the Bollywood season quoted Neetu Chandra as saying.

Recalling an audition occasion, he said,The casting director is a very big name but I don’t want to say that name, I mean we talked to him for an hour during the audition. I’m sorry Neetu, it doesn’t work. So you literally give me an audition to reject me taki merio Confidence Machine failure(A casting director who is very famous but I don’t want to give his name, turned me down an hour after the audition. I mean, he called me for an audition so that my confidence would be shattered?) “

Neetu Chandra made her Bollywood debut in 2005 with this film Garam masala, Cast with Akshay Kumar and John Abraham. He has also acted in films like this Traffic signal, 13B, oh lucky! Good luck! And Flowing, To name a few. He also has his own production house Champaran Talkies and produced Deswa and two films. Mithila butterHis films Oh lucky Good luck! And Mithila butter Won national awards. Also, she made her Hollywood debut in 2021 with the film Never Back Down: Revolt.

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