More accurate than Tua Tagovailoa Patrick Mahomes? Tyrick Hill tells one story, numbers can tell another

Tyreek Hill has many things – the fastest player in the NFL, an all-pro wide receiver and the highest paid receiver in NFL history. He may also be the most vocal supporter of quarterback Tua Tagovaloa.

Hill compared the Miami Dolphins quarterback to his former Kansas City teammate Patrick Mahoms during an episode of his podcast “It Needs to Be Said.”

“Obviously, like I’m going with 15 as the strongest arm, but to be exact, I’ve been going with you all day,” Hill said.

How true is it to just support his new partner against Hill?

For starters, Mahoms had the league’s fifth-best QBR at 62.2 last season, while Tagovaloa ranked 49.7 – 18th-best in the NFL. Their completion percentage was comparable, with Tagovaloa’s 67.8% and Mahomes’ 66.3%.

Tagovailoa’s expected completion percentage was + 0.9% compared to Mahoms ‘-2.1%, which reinforced Hill’s assertion that the Dolphins’ quarterback is a more accurate passer.

The third-year quarterback has faced criticism in his first two professional seasons, mainly for his ability to push the ball down. According to ESPN statistics and data, Tagovaloa was the most accurate passer in at least 25 airfield attempts in the NFL, combined with 50% of his efforts.

Also, he tried the second lowest number of passes – which he attributed to place calling beyond his capacity.

“I’ve seen some improvement in being able to hit the ground running again,” he told Muscle and Fitness magazine. “I honestly think it’s just rehearsal. Last year I couldn’t push the ball down the field because we didn’t have a game to push the ball into the field in particular. Last year a lot of plays were invited for one person.

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“It’s a little different now. My second year was different from my first year and this year will be different from last year in terms of how we work. I definitely feel more confident pushing the ball to the ground. It’s going to be exciting.”

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