Luca de la Torre’s move to Celta Vigo La Liga is a bet in itself

Luca de la Torre has a habit of betting on himself and finally coming forward. At the age of 15, he left San Diego to join the English-speaking Fulham academy. He rose from the ranks and eventually made the first team, but with limited playing time, de la Torre went to the decent Dutch team Heracles Almello in 2020.

This may be seen as a step forward, but he got consistent time to play and became a regular contributor there, which helped him in the account of US men’s national team manager Greg Berhalter. De la Torre has seen its stock skyrocket in 2022; He is now making his highest bid, completing his trip to Spain and joining La Liga team Celta Vigo on Friday, for a deal transfer fee of just over $ 2 million.

The 24-year-old midfielder is moving into a form never seen before in the world’s top leagues. But it is welcome.

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“It’s the kind of team I really want to be in a good league and adapt to my style of play,” he told ESPN by telephone from Vigo. “They like to keep the ball. They really like to play aggressive football. Also, the manager has to work a lot on the ball, which I think describes me as a player, so it’s a really good place.

Perhaps the biggest threat to de la Torre is how it will affect the potential of the United States national team. If he had stayed with Hercules, he would almost certainly have been guaranteed playing time, even if he were second after the Dutch club’s expulsion. That situation did not improve his chances of forming an American team for Qatar. But now with just four months left to the World Cup, he will try to join Celta, who finished 11th last year.

In a translated report by Spanish outlet Marca, de la Torre was described as a player “to raise the level of competition in the team, but not as a starting player”. That personality may not be the best, but the situation is that de la Torrela doesn’t find it annoying. After all, he’s been here before.

“I think the way I see myself, no matter what moves I make in my career, I’m always ambitious and one step ahead of the competition,” he said. “I really welcome them. That is why I have been successful in the national team, because I have accepted this situation. That’s why I’m happy to be here. And I wanted to win my place with Heracles. It’s always the same in football. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun with really good players here. “

This step will go further with the general demands of adopting a new culture and language. De la Torre has his father’s Spanish passport, but some Spanish language skills that he has long since disappeared. “I have to learn a lesson,” he said.

There is also an adjustment to the team’s style, although de la Torre believes his ability to pass and move the ball on the dribble matches his new environment. “I think a lot of people would say I’m a conservative Spanish player, you know, really technical,” he said. “So I think I’ll just sit here.”

De la Torre’s ambitions for the club and the country have long been linked, and his place in Heracles was built with his international aspirations in mind. Playing every week in the Dutch league has boosted his confidence and de la Torre says he now knows more about himself as a player, how hard he can hit the ball and how much he can help his team. “It really let me in,” he said.

He made similar progress with the American team. De La Torre was called up with the entire team at the end of 2021, and as the World Cup qualifiers progressed, his responsibilities increased, including the start of serious matches against Honduras and Panama, in which the United States won.

He said, “I think he has come down to take advantage of my opportunities while playing for the national team. “I felt like every time I play I want to be one of the best players on the field or if I get a few minutes off the bench I have to do a really good job. [Otherwise]It will be difficult to get a second chance. I think I’ve really embraced that spirit and I think it fits my possibilities. “

De la Torre has made such progress that they aim not only to move to Qatar but also to join the starting lineup. With Berhalter constantly tampering with his midfield and always causing injuries, that target is within reach. To catch it he would have to increase the maximum speed in Celta. De la Torre said Barhalter is aware of how players fit into the skill set.

“I have to adapt to the new club, and it usually takes time, but I want to go as fast as possible, get the minutes, show my quality here so that I can make an impact on the national team.” Said.

De la Torre is the latest page. Now it’s time to see if it works.

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