Longtime Pittsburgh Penguin Center Evgeny Malkin to test first NHL free agency in career, source says

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Evgeny Malkin will test the free agency as a star center for the first time in her career, and the Pittsburgh Penguins remain at odds with the deal, an NHL source told ESPN on Monday, confirming the TSN report.

Malkin, 35, has spent all 16 years of her career with the Penguins. He was the main character along with Sidney Crosby and defender Chris Letang, who helped Pittsburgh win the Stanley Cup three times. Malkin won the Heart Trophy as a League MVP in 2011-12 and the Con Smith Trophy as a Playoff MVP in 2009.

He has 1,146 points in 981 games, including Pittsburgh.

While the Penguins signed a six-year new contract with fellow veteran free agent Letang last week, they have yet to agree terms with the owner.

Athletic reported that Pittsburgh has moved from the average annual value of दोन 6 million on a two-year contract to the same cap number on a three-year contract. But the mistress is asking for more conditions on his next contract.

GM Ron Hextall has stated his intention to bring Malkin back and believes the sentiment is reciprocal. According to Hextall, they were “scrolling” on the contract, but apparently they couldn’t find common ground.

Despite being crippled by injuries, Malkin scored 20 goals and 22 points in 41 games for the Penguins last season and a total of six points in seven playoff games.

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