Kendrick Nunn, 26, is in the final year of his contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, calling the selection a “no-brainer.”

Kendrick, a nun who lost all previous seasons due to a right knee injury, is choosing the final year of his 25 5.25 million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, sources told ESPN on Tuesday.

The 27-year-old nun was contracted to a midfield injury in Los Angeles last summer, but returned to the regular season after being diagnosed with an ankle injury and later a bone injury at training camp. Never played, which was slow to heal. .

Chicago entered the league without leaving native Auckland and entered the Miami Heat, averaging 15 points at 36.4% and 3 to 88.1% foul lines with 3.0 assists and 2.9 rebounds in two seasons.

During her exit interview with reporters in April, the nun announced her plans to return to Los Angeles.

The nun said, “I have just taken a year’s leave. Knowing this, making a choice is not a difficult task for me.”

The nuns’ decision currently gives the Lakers five guaranteed deals on books for next season, including LeBron James ($ 44.47 million), Anthony Davis ($ 37.98 million), Tallinn Horton-Tucker ($ 10.26 million) and Austin Reeves (6 10.66 million). ). ,

Russell Westbrook, who is entering the final year of his £ 47.06m deal, has until June 29 to tell LA that he has a choice.

Los Angeles has team options for next season, including Stanley Johnson (2.35 million) and Wayne Gabriel (1.88 million).

Even if the Lakers use those options, the front office will have half the roster to fill this summer as it prepares to rejoin the most disappointing season in franchise history in 2021-22.

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