Jungcook visited the Army with his new song ‘My You’; See

BTS singer Jungkuk has released a new track to mark the 9th anniversary of BTS.

BTS singer Jungkuk surprised fans with a new track called My You on the occasion of BTS ‘9th first anniversary. Watch the song here.

On the occasion of its 9th anniversary, BTS member Jungkook surprised fans by sharing a new track dedicated to Fandom – ARMY. The song is called My You. 3:05 The track is sung entirely by Jungcook, who co-produced the track with His Noise. Although the audio is a mixture of English and Korean, the video features song lyrics on various social media platforms.

Jungcook started the song countdown by sharing a screenshot of a text message on Twitter. Fans were surprised to find that the screenshot was of the song’s video. Jungcook creatively incorporated several social media app templates to express the lyrics of the track. This includes SMS, Instagram stories, Instagram posts, music library and more.

While the song conveys a beautiful message to his imagination, the music reminds us of the Four Army tracks he created for his birthday last year. Yet this song feels like a warm hug on a rainy night.

Watch the following video:

The song was released shortly after BTS released their new album, Proof. The album, a compilation, includes three new songs – Still to Come, For Youth and Run BTS – and its many milestones, career-changing songs. Members also chose two different single tracks from their careers to be part of the album. In addition to the album’s release, Septet also released a music video for Yet to Come.

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The music video features several songs over a nine-year period and some elements of their old music videos. This album has been breaking records since its release. All new tracks are at the top of Spotify’s Daily Global Top 200 chart. Many of his old songs included in the proof are also chartered.

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