Jock Pederson hopes San Francisco Giants fans will find it easy on the Cincinnati Reds’ Tommy Farm

Giants outfielder Jock Pederson said Thursday that he hopes fans in San Francisco won’t take it too far when Cincinnati arrives at Oracle Park and Tommy plays outfield for the Reds.

The Giants will host the Reds in a three-match series starting Friday night.

Three weeks before the game in Cincinnati, Fam slapped Pederson over a fictional football brawl. Pham suspended three games.

“It’s an unfortunate incident and I think we overcame it,” Pederson said. “It simply came to our notice then. It’s in the rear view mirror. “

Pederson said he had no contact with Pham after the incident.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “I think our fans are quality and respectable,” Pederson told reporters. “A level of respect needs to be maintained, and when you watch a game in New York or anywhere, they start throwing things on the field that aren’t okay and don’t help under any circumstances. This makes it very bad. So just respect him. “

Last month, Pederson said he was accused of cheating because of the way he altered the injured reserve of the big money fantasy league. Pham said the controversy stemmed from an old text Pederson sent in a league group chat in which he insulted his teammates at the San Diego Padres, for whom he played last season.

Pham told The Athletic last month that there was an entry fee of $ 10,000 for the 12-team league and that the last-place team had to pay an extra $ 10,000. Pham dropped out of the league while in second place, he told The Athletic.

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Fam told reporters last month that one person could stop it all – his fantasy league commissioner, Los Angeles star Mike Trout, whom he called “the worst commissioner in fantasy sports because he gave up so much and he can solve it all.”

Trout said during a game between the Angels and the New York Mets on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball earlier this month that it was the first year the league had used ESPN’s fantasy site and that Houston Astros’ third baseman Alex Brigman had won the league.

“There’s a legendary football league out there,” he said, “maybe getting another commissioner.”

“It simply came to our notice then. Everyone is calling me, ‘Hey what’s going on with this league?’ I think we have something cooked for next football season. We have some players, “said Trout.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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