Jiri Prochazka is standing up for all the right reasons, Shevchenko and Zhang are moving forward

What were the biggest moments in UFC 275? Jeff Wegenham, Brett Okamoto and Mark Raymondi offer their takeaways from a highlight-packed event in Singapore.

Aren’t you entertained?

The UFC has dozens of champions, and is not as inventive as its latest, lightweight heavyweight Jiri Prochazka.

The 29-year-old Czech played just two UFC matches to get a shot on the belt. But after he got a chance at Saturday’s UFC 275 main event in Singapore, Prochaska took a long time to snatch the title from Glover Teixeira – almost a full five rounds. And adding drama at the last minute, Prochazka won gold in unexpected ways.

Prochaska made his quick, all-angle attack in most fights, defeating the winner in his own game, leaving Jiu-Jitsu Ekka Texera in just 28 seconds of the challenging fight. He lost on the scorecard.

Prochazka is looking for a new way to show off her free-flowing creativity.

See, 205-pounds. The new champion is 29 years old and can rule for some time. Anyone who gets a booking against him finds it hard to find a training camp mate who can imitate this person.

But it was not to be. He had to dig deep against the 42-year-old Texera, who for the first time was the UFC’s oldest champion and could not be easily removed after 20 years to reach the top. Texera got a takedown in the fourth round and used a strong ground position to threaten submission and damage by hitting corners and punches. When Prochazka reversed the situation and secured only the third submission of his 29-fight pro career, the winning decision appeared to be on the way to victory.

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Yes, during the attack Prochazka leaves himself free to counter. And yes, he allowed himself to be stuck in a bad position on the canvas for so long. But he defended well on the ground and sometimes found a way to the stand, which many fighters never did under the Texera blanket.

And once back on its feet, the protagonist continues to show off unconventional standup techniques, which don’t seem to be coming out of nowhere. He fired shots that would have ended a fighter without Texra’s toughness.

About that brutality: Although the finishing was disappointing for Texera, especially the way it went down and the time it went down, she can be proud of her short career. Texera came in as a rare underdog champion and didn’t look like that. He assimilated all that his challenger had handled, even though the end seemed to be near, and he had control at the last moment. Even if he gets the horn out, he will still be the winner. But the Teixeira roll is not like that. He went for it.

And so is Prochazka, now a shining gold belt for her never-ending efforts. – Wegenheim

Santos should face Shevchenko again

In UFC 275, Valentina Shevchenko appeared human for the longest time in her career as UFC Women’s Flyweight Champion. And all the credit goes to Taila Santos. Possibly hesitant to anticipate Santos’ great power, Shevchenko’s game plan was to get things off the ground. The problem was that Santos was just as strong as he was, and he overtook Shevchenko and took the lead several times after Shevchenko’s takedown effort.

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Shevchenko won the fight and retained her title with a split decision. It was not a robbery, but the judge who made it for Santos was not entirely wrong. He won three of the five rounds in Singapore on Saturday. At the top, Shevchenko and Santos clashed in the third and fourth rounds, causing major damage to Santos’ right eye, which was closed at the end of the fourth round and onwards. Despite the striking solid offense, Santos hit the ground running to the end.

For all the reasons listed above, Santos qualifies for the match against Shevchenko again. There are no other clear top contenders for Shevchenko at the moment. The next fight between the two should be Santos 2 against Shevchenko. Not because Shevchenko could not completely dominate or implement his game plan. But the quarrel in the head must be taken into account. It wasn’t a legal blow to Santos, and who knows what would have happened if Santos hadn’t done that level of damage.

After the battle, Shevchenko noted the 30-hour journey to Singapore. Maybe it’s also due to his poor performance, although you can’t take anything away from Santos. Perhaps considering those factors, Shevchenko will be ready for the match again. He is certainly not satisfied with his poor performance as a champion.

Now, Shevchenko has spoiled us. She is so impressive, so invincible as a woman, that no one expected her to lose the round. It is impossible to handle the bar; Ask any major UFC champion except Khabib Nurmagomedov. Shevchenko is allowed to rest for the night – and yet she wins. There is another reason to see what happens if the two fight again. – Raymondi

Zhang could not have been more effective

I was very impressed with how good Zhang looked. And I’m not saying this lightly because, of course, I expected her to look good – she’s one of the best fighters in the world, period. He is in his prime. She favored defeating Joanna Jedrzejic. But it’s fun to see how good she looks – and that’s good for the 115-pound division.

It is worth noting that Jedrzezzic retired immediately after the uprising, and that the final performance of the fighter was questionable. I’m not doing it here. I think Jedrzevsky is very motivated and more or less the level at which he has fought his entire career. Zhang was the head of the bus. His wrestling was extremely impressive, adding a powerful, extra wrinkle to his sport. She has always been one of the most physically fit athletes, weighing 115 pounds, but she has added time and technique to that physique.

Clearly, the finish showed creativity and a high risk factor. When they square off, she’s going to beat Carla Esparza, and if she gets the belt back, she could be one of the stories of the champion who got the belt, lost it, learned from it, and reigned supreme. . I see that ability in him. – Okamoto

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