In a recent Instagram post, Suzanne Khan warmed up with rumored boyfriend Arsalan Goni, take a look

Although Suzanne Khan and Arsalan Gony have not confessed to dating, they are often in the discussion for their rumored relationship. The two are often seen spending time with each other and spending holidays with each other. Recently, Susan and Arslan traveled to the US, whose photos and videos are yet to come. On Wednesday night, the interior designer posted another photo with Arslan on social media and it is making waves on the internet. In the photo, Arslan and Suzanne are seen hugging each other while posing for the camera.

Suzanne is wearing a black dress that she has paired with the same couple’s heels. Arslan, on the other hand, wears a casual orange t-shirt that he paired with denims. Suzanne dropped some emojis while sharing photos.

To keep track:

Earlier, Suzanne shared a video of her vacation on Instagram. Arslan and Suzanne also have friends in the video, which started with a montage. Sharing the reel on Instagram, the interior designer wrote, “When your summer feels like your new ‘home’ … food coma, guys, sea, mescal and lots of lollipops … summer ️ ️ # summer22 #califheart”


Suzanne and Arslan also met her ex-husband Hrithik Roshan on the trip. Suzanne was married to Hrithik before they separated in 2104. It is rumored that Suzanne is dating Arsalan, while Hrithik is dating Saba. The four of them share an amazing bond together, especially Susan and Saba.

Meanwhile, Suzanne’s actor-brother Zayed Khan recently revealed about his sister’s relationship. He was in Goa earlier, where Zayed was also with him. Speaking about the rumored relationship between the couple, Zayed told the Hindustan Times, “I think the most important thing is to let people my age live and work. Let that person be your brother, sister or friend, let them be the way they want to be. He also mentioned that it is important for people to be there when they need you.

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