HS Bhogal Memorial 6 Red Snooker Tournament: India’s Top Quest Confirms Entries

Qist who have so far confirmed their entries:

Anuj Uppal (Delhi, World Senior Runner Up)

Shoaib Khan (National Junior Snooker Championship)

Ayush Mittal (Uttar Pradesh Champion)

Ranbir Duggal (Chandigarh Champion)

Given the response from Manmeet Bhatia, director of the competition, the competition is expected to be very close in the North Divisional Circuit.

Ravi Tandon, secretary of the Delhi Billiards and Snooker Association (DBSA), has claimed that it will be a big event in Delhi this year after the Kovid-19 epidemic. The competition is being held in memory of HS Bhogal, who passed away in January 2022 and was the joint secretary of DBSA for 35 years. He was also a professional coach in Delhi and was instrumental in cultivating the budding talent.

DBSA President Vijay Goyal said, “Although snooker is fun and exciting, you can learn the basics from billiards. Q Sports is back in the Asian Games after two decades and was pleased to learn that the federation has made plans. Get the most medals in the Games at the Asian Games 2030 in Doha.

The sixth Red Snooker Championship will be held in September after the Wilson Jones Delhi State XXXXV Billiards and Snooker Championship. It is also the birth centenary year of the late Wilson Jones, who was the first Indian to win the World Amateur Billiards Championship in 1958.

Speaking on Wilson Jones’ huge contribution to Q-Sport in India, DBSA Secretary Ravi Tandon said, “Wilson Jones inspired and inspired the East of Uttar Pradesh, especially Ramesh Khanna, Tarun Chandra, Subhash Sood, who gave new awards. On the lease to the US Chadha. , Bani Dalmiya and he later made a name for himself. “National champion Manan Chandra is the son of young Chandra.

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Wilson Jones first played the tournament in 1978 to promote the game. The HS Bhogal Memorial Tournament is being organized in 6 red snooker format to encourage more and more youth to participate in this sport.

Speaking about the tournament, Tournament Director Manmeet Bhatia explained, “Youngsters choose 6 red snookers in ten and fifteen red formats. The six-red look is shorter and more appealing. 6 Red Snooker competitions are being organized to attract more budding talent.

He further explained that the frame ends in about ten minutes which makes it easier to follow than the format that takes longer to complete.

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