Great Khali accused of slapping toll plaza employee in Ludhiana, former wrestler accused of misconduct.


In the alleged video of the incident on Monday (July 11), The Great Khali, whose real name is Dalip Singh Rana, is seen and heard arguing with workers at Ladhowal Toll Plaza but is not seen. Slapping someone

Rana was on his way from Jalandhar in Punjab to Karnal in Haryana when the incident took place, police said, adding that no complaint had been lodged by either side. After the video went viral on social media, Rana on Tuesday accused the toll plaza employees of misbehaving.

“Yesterday the Toll Plaza staff abused me and clicked a photo with all of them and told me to get out of the vehicle and only then will they let the vehicle go,” Rana said.

Rana demanded that the toll plaza contractor should take action against the wrong employees so as not to misbehave with other persons. Rana also accused the employees of Ladhowal Toll Plaza of ‘blackmailing’.

In the video, a toll plaza employee can be heard asking the former wrestler why he beat his colleague when he asked for proof of identity. “Show me your ID, you were asked to show your ID,” the toll officer tells Rana, “you are blackmailing me.”

So the employee says, we don’t blackmail you. Why did you kill him Show if you have an identity card. In the clip, Rana is heard saying ‘I don’t have any identity card’. At this time barricading was done in front of Rana’s car. An employee of the toll plaza tried unsuccessfully to stop him, but the former wrestler came out and pushed him away. A police officer mediated and presented the views of both parties.

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