Grand Prix Badminton League Auction: Three Icon Players Get Full Price: All You Need To Know

Mithun was picked up by Malnad Falcons, Sai Pratik was bought by Mandya Bulls in a draw and four teams bid for the player and Prakash was bought by KGF Wolves at the highest price.

Sanith Dayanand (Kodagu Tigers – Rs 2.6 lakh), Daniel Farid (Bandipur Tuskers – Rs 3.1 lakh), Raghu Mariswami (Mangalore Sharks – Rs 3.3 lakh), Tanya Hemant (Mysore Panthers – Rs 3.3 lakh). Rs.3.2 lakhs) and Janani Anant Kumar (Bangalore Lions – Rs 2.5 lakhs).

Each team consisted of eight players, including one icon player, at least two Tier-1 and Tier-2 players, and at least two female players in the icon category. The player’s purse was Rs 12 lakh per team out of which Rs 2 lakh was reserved for the player award.

The basic fee for icon players was fixed at Rs 2.5 lakh and Rs 3.5 lakh. The minimum wage for tier-1 players was fixed at Rs 75,000 and Rs 2 lakh, while the minimum wage for tier-3 players was fixed at Rs 25,000 and maximum at Rs 50,000.

A total of 238 players were registered for the auction, while 64 players were purchased. 14-year-old Rujula Ramu (Tier-1) got Rs 1.8 lakh and was selected by Kodagu Tigers, while 13-year-old Jade Anil was selected by Bandipur Tuskers for Rs 30,000.

Teams will be guided by their respective superstars. The Malnad Falcons will be guided by Chirag Shetty while the Bandipur Tuskers will have the skills of Jwala Gutta who is also the co-owner of the team. The Mysore Panthers will be directed by Satvik Rankireddy and the Kodwa Tigers will be directed by Ashwini Ponnappa.

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Mandya Bulls will be guided by Sai Praneet and KGF Wolves will be guided by HS Pranay. Shrikant Kidambi of Mangalore Sharks will be the ambassador while PV Sindhu will be the coach of Bengaluru Lions.

The teams are divided into two groups. Overall, the top four teams will play the second leg, which will be played in a round-robin manner. The top two will compete for the title.


Group A:

Bandipur Tuskers, Mandya Bulls, Kodagu Tigers, Mangalore Sharks

Group B:

Mysore Panthers, Bangalore Lions, KGF Wolves, Malnad Falcons

Team formation

Bangalore Lions

Total cost:
10 lakhs

1. Janani Anant Kumar 250,000 Rs
2. Bhargava S. Rs. 200,000
3. Nitin HV Rs. 200,000
4. Sanjit S. Rs. 200,000
5. Vaibhav Srinath Rs. 50,000
6. Aditya Diwakar Rs. 50,000
7. Sudip Suresh Rs.25,000
8. Supraja 25,000

Kodagu Wagh

Total cost:
Rs. 8.75 lakhs

1. Sanit Dayanand Rs. 260,000
2. Rujula Ramu Rs. 180,000
3. Ramya Venkatesh Rs. 100,000
Vasant Kumar HR 190,000 Rs
5. Special Sharma Rs. 30,000
6. Cool D Rs. 50,000
7. S. Adarsh ​​Kumar Rs. 40,000
8. Saif Ali Rs. 25,000

Thigh bull

Total cost:
9.25 lakhs

1. Sai Pratik Rs. 350,000
2. Ananya Praveen 80,000 Rs
3. Asith Surya 200,000 Rs
4. Kiran Balaji Rs. 80,000
5. Aniruddha Deshpande Rs 100,000
6. Aruj Maheshwari Rs. 35,000
7. Kamamurti Raghavendra Rs. 30,000
8. Karnika Shri 50,000 Rs

Mangalore Shark

Total cost:
Rs. 8.65 lakhs

1. Raghu Mariswami Rs. 330,000
2. Winner Harish Rs.80,000
Prerna N Shet Rs.90,000
4. Kushal Raj Rs.200,000
5. Jayant Gopal Rs.80,000
6. Sunil Gladson Rs 30,000
7. Sachin C Rs. 30,000
8. Shashank S. Rs. 25,000

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Malnad Falcons

Total cost:
Rs. 9.75 lakhs

1. Mithun Manjunath Rs. 350,000

2. Druti Yatish Rs. 160,000
Prithvi Roy Rs 200,000
4. Shamant S. Kidur Rs. 140,000
5. Venkatesh Prasad Rs. 50,000
6. Pranav Krishnamurti Rs. 25,000
7. Arvind Kongara Rs. 25,000
8. Janvi Rs. 25,000

Bandipur Tuskers

Total cost:
Rs. 9.55 lakhs

1. Daniel Fareed Rs. 310,000
2. Alfia Riaz 80,000 Rs
3. Abhishek Yeliger Rs. 180,000
4. Expect hero Rs 80,000
5. Vaibhav Vaibhav Rs. 200,000
6. Z Anil Rs 30,000
7. Kishal Ganpati Rs. 50,000
8. Ganesh V Rs. 25,000

Mysore Panthers

Total cost:
9.9 lakhs

1. Tanya Hemant Rs. 320,000
2. Rohit Mariswami Rs. 200,000
3. BM Rahul Bhardwaj Rs.200,000
4. Chiranjeevi Reddy Rs. 80,000
Kiran Kumar Rs.80,000
6. Tarun Morab Rs. 30,000
7. Muskan Khan Rs 50,000
8. Riya Pillai Rs 30,000

KGF wolves

Total cost:
9.3 lakhs

1. Prakash Raj Rs. 350,000
2. Gloria Vinay Kumar 90,000 Rs
3. Hemantha Gowda Rs. 100,000
4. Suhas V Gowda Rs. 200,000
5. Naren S. Iyer Rs. 80,000
6. Rudra Shahi Rs. 50,000
7. Rashmi Ganesh Rs. 30,000
8. Amrita P Rs. 30,000

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