Golden State Warriors Center James Wiseman impresses in 2022 NBA Summer League debut

LAS VEGAS – Golden State Warriors forward Jonathan Cumming began attacking Hoop when he held the ball over his head to find James Wiesman biting. In one move, Weizmann caught the ball in the air and threw down a sting.

The Warriors had their first capture in the Summer League game against the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday, and Wiseman had his first bucket since March when he played in the G-League trio.

A minute after taking a dip in his alley, he dropped his lone 3-pointer of the night.

“It felt good,” Wisman said. “I have a lot of work to do, so I had very little time. But this was my first game. I had fun there. “

Prior to his short stint in the G-League, Wiseman had not played since April 2021 after tearing his right meniscus.

Wiseman played four four-minute spurs at the start of each quarter in his Summer League debut – an 86-85 win over Spurs. He checked back in for the last three minutes of the game – something Vijman said he was more comfortable with. In his 19 minutes, Wiseman finished with 11 points, 6-of-7, two rebounds and two block shots.

In Wiseman’s eyes, the area where he spent his time was on screen settings and reading methods.

“In a Summer League game like today, he looked like a really good basketball player and was playing with good restraint and on the rim, blocking a few shots,” said Warriors Summer League coach Jama Mahalla. “We just wanted that first trip and we asked him to come out, have fun, enjoy the game and let him come.”

There was a glimpse of Wiseman’s athleticism throughout the night – revealed by his stings and blocks. He ran well on the ground and was not afraid to play physically.

“It was physical. It’s a big adjustment,” Vijman said. “I’m out, so I’m doing a lot of personal workouts. So shocking for me, that physical contact, I’m proud to be there.”

His comeback gave the Warriors something they had lost so far in the Summer League: in real size and color. And this is something that Golden State Warriors can use more.

But, the Warriors want him to use more of his size on the board. As soon as the game was over, Weizmann went to the mansion and told him he knew he only wanted to get two rebounds, as he had done against the Spurs.

,[It’s really about] Be careful, be aggressive and just go for it, ”Weizmann said. The ball wasn’t coming my way, but I was trying to get as far away as possible.

Warriors are emphasizing the basics of vijman from training camps. Whatever it is, the regular season will be a big part of his role with Golden State.

But now that they’ve actually seen Wiseman playing, the Warriors can decide how they want to use the 7-foot center.

We don’t know what we have until he plays. You don’t know who you are dealing with, “Mahalela told ESPN. “I hope that in the first week of August, we will have a clear plan of what to do with August and the training camp.”

Mahlale also thinks that depending on how many more games Wisman plays, he will learn some of them at the end of the Summer League.

Vijman will play alongside Jonathan Cumminga and Moses Moody in Tuesday’s match against the Boston Celtics. Monday’s practice will be a light work day for Vijman – the warriors try after every “heavy day”.

It remains to be seen how much role Vijman will play after this. But for the moment, the most important thing for Golden State is that Weizmann has just one game under his belt.

“Going into the locker room after the game and all the players are cheering him on, I think he’s kind of like, ‘Hey, I’ll be able to breathe again,'” Mahalela told ESPN. “I am proud of you for every conversation I have with him, but now the real work begins.”

Vijman replied: “Okay, coach.”

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