France’s Grace Gayero could become Euro 2022 breakout star after 2019 World Cup disappointment

Angelique Gioro could not hold back her tears at Rotherham United’s New York Stadium stand. On the pitch, his daughter Grace scored a hat-trick for France against Italy in an incredible performance in the first half. Next to him is Victoria, the younger sister of a French playwright, whose eyes are unbelievable. After his third goal, the PSG midfielder looked in his direction and his hands hit the heart as France won 5-1.

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Even in good times and bad, family is everything to Grace Gioro. Three weeks before the Italy match, he broke his knee while training at Clarefontein, causing tears on the pitch. For a while, she feared she would miss the start of the tournament, and perhaps even better than the early group play. She sat outside Lace blues‘Two friendly matches against Vietnam and Cameroon before heading to England. Despite all these important moments in doubt, six weeks after his last competitive game, he took to the field in Rotherham for his 50th international cap, and in style when his country needed him the most.

Last week, when he celebrated his 25th birthday with the rest of the squad at French headquarters and blew candles on a cake made by a French chef, he must have wished him a goal and victory over Italy. But three goals, and such a strong display of football attack against Solid Squadra Azura, Never: After all, the PSG midfielder has never scored a hat-trick in his career. He netted just eight times in his last 49 caps!

“She was amazing. Maybe he was injured more often,” manager Corinne Dicre joked after Giorgio’s performance. If No. 8 is able to engage her extremely serious head coach in such a joke, she should really be very special.

She was just as smart – the L’Equipe newspaper gave her a 9/10 rating after she became the first player to score a hat-trick in the first half at Euro – a breakout performance was coming.

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The 2019 World Cup in France was undoubtedly a turning point for Gyro. After starring at the 2017 Euro, she managed just 18 minutes in the entire tournament two years later. She was hurt, frustrated and disappointed as she missed the biggest milestone of her promising career so far. He swore to himself that this would never happen again and so his growth began.

Gyro had a desire and desire to be better, more mature and more responsible. By 2019, everything was going accordingly, and even more smoothly. She joined PSG at the age of 15, made her team debut in 2014 and quickly rose to international prominence. She was just going upstairs and yet, perhaps, she assumed it. After all, his inability to make a name for himself in 2019 felt like a big slap in the face and that’s why he worked so hard on himself.

Giorgio spent time in Paris between 2018 and 2021 with his managers, Dyker and Olivier Acofani, to understand what he would have to do to get to the next level. Her talent was never an issue; Because she was young, it was clear she was one of the best players of her generation. So this should be an issue of confidence and mindset. Her coaches mentioned that she needs to show her leadership and express it on and off the pitch, imposing herself in midfield and playing like a leader for the club and the country.

In that sense, the captain’s armband at PSG last season changed everything. “It all clicked,” Gioro said after the Italian game. This made me more expressive. I needed more responsibilities and I got them. “It turned out to be a difficult season in Paris for the newly elected captain. Place, behind Lyon) and in Europe (defeated by Lyon in the semifinals).

She said, “I know my family is proud of how far I have come in PSG and what my role is. Now I want to do the same with France.

His performance in the 5-1 win was the best start for both Gyro and France, but consistency will be important now. He has to repeat such performances regularly, especially in big games. In France’s 4-3-3 formation she could play a more aggressive role in midfield; With Charlotte Bilbolt and Sandy Toletti building a strong structure behind, she has the freedom to score late in the box, just like her first and third goals against Italy. That’s what she plays for Lace blues To his right and in front of him, along with his PSG teammates and best friends Kadidiato Diani and Marie-Antoinette Catoto, is huge. They know each other very well and treat each other well, as Italy learned closely on Sunday night.

From here, Geiro has all the tools to start this Euro and make it his own. Before leaving New York Stadium on Sunday, he had another wish: “I hope the rest will be as magical as tonight …” Time will tell, starting with their second group stage match against Belgium this Thursday.

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