Filed a complaint against two persons for insulting Kichha Sudip on social media

A few days after Kannada star Kichha Sudip was insulted by a person in the film industry and a writer on social media for being part of an online rummy game advertising campaign, a complaint was lodged against the duo at the Cyber ​​Crime Cell in Bangalore. Police. Is done. ,

Sudip was slapped by a young man named Charan for working in an online game ad and shared a video on social media a few days ago. A few months back, author Ahoratra had made a critical comment about actor Sudip for approving an online rummy game. Gambling has made many poor and forced some to take their own lives, saying Ahoratra is fighting against the recognition of such gaming opportunities by filmmakers in Karnataka. He had also demanded the arrest of Kichha Sudip.

Sudip’s fans and other sandalwood artists were outraged by Ahoratra and Charan’s behavior. Several actors came out in support of Sudip and director Nanda Kishor made a video of himself slapping Charan, who made derogatory remarks about the actor.

Now, producer and president of the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce Ba Ma Harish has lodged a complaint against the duo with the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Cyber ​​Crime Division, Bangalore Police.

In the complaint filed by Harish, action has been demanded against both of them. “We urge social media to remove the video of Ahoratra and Charan, take legal action and cooperate in the development of the film industry and actors,” the complaint said.

Meanwhile, on the work front, Kichha is busy promoting his first all-India film, Vikrant Rona, directed by Sudip Anoop Bhandari. The film is set to release on July 28.

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