Daniel Snyder, owner of Washington Commanders, offered to testify via video before the House Oversight Committee in July, the letter said.

Daniel Snyder, owner of Washington Commanders, offered to testify via video conference before the House Oversight Committee in late July, according to a letter his lawyer sent to Chairwoman Carol Maloney on Thursday. But, his lawyer said, the committee is yet to hear about the dates he submitted.

In a letter received by ESPN, Snyder’s lawyer, Karen Patton Seymour, told Maloney (D-New York) that she has not heard from the committee since the June 30 phone call, which discussed Snyder’s struggles on other proposed dates for a statement. To discuss. According to the letter, the committee offered to interview Snyder remotely on July 6 or 8, and Seymour wrote that he offered on July 28 or 29.

The hall will run until July 29 and will be closed in August.

The committee, which has been investigating Washington’s workplace culture since October, did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The committee is trying to serve Snyder with a subpoena to testify, but a committee spokesman said last week that his lawyer has not yet accepted it.

Seymour also said Snyder plans to stay in Israel “mostly in July” and “in August” to celebrate the one-year anniversary of his mother’s death. Seymour said she would go to Israel for Snyder’s video statement, which would be held privately, but the committee could choose to leave out all or part of the transcript.

Seymour said in the letter that he had a previous job in Europe on earlier proposed dates. She was in Europe for work on June 22 when NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell testified at the investigation hearing.

The Commanders training camp is set to begin on July 27, with the team’s first pre-season game against the Carolina Panthers on August 13.

Until recent years, Snyder regularly attended his team’s training camps. In 2019, due to holiday plans, the camp did not arrive until August. In 2020, it did not appear due to the Covid-19 epidemic. His wife, Tanya, took charge of the team’s day-to-day operations after the NFL imposed a 10 million fine on the team after an investigation into sexual misconduct in the Washington franchise and the League of Culture in the Workplace. It doesn’t appear after last year,

At an NFL league meeting in March, Goodell said Snyder would not be representing the team every day “for the foreseeable future” and that he would discuss his return “at some point”. According to league sources, the discussion is yet to take place. Snyder had traveled to France to attend an awards ceremony in June, the same week he was invited by the committee to testify before NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. During Goodell’s testimony on June 22, the committee’s Maloney announced that she planned to call Snyder for a statement.

Announcing Snyder’s summons, Maloney said: “Instead of taking responsibility for his actions, he chose to leave town. She noted when Snyder’s boat was docked in France. According to the VesselFinder.com website, Snyder’s 305-foot-tall boat Lady S landed Thursday morning off the east coast of Corsica in the Mediterranean Sea.

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