Created Sports Heritage Title IX

Produced by ESPN Creative Studios: Jesse Dodge, Karen Frank, Jarrett Gable, Alessia Ham, Caitlin Maron, Beth Stojkov

Written by Ellen Tangu

Photographs by Tyler Twins, Courtney White, Hannah Asano, Diana King, Ed Linsmeyer, Sarah Rice, Caroline Fong

Talent Productions by Stacey Presman, Lindsay Steckle and Katie Hennessy

Designed by Jasmine Wiggins and Beth Stojkov. Researched by Dana Lee. Hair and makeup by Yazara Daniel, Kimberly Briggs, Simon Rihanna for Arts Department LA, Anna Branson, Paige Ryan, Antonio Amon, Felicia Bongiorno Calivoda, Janet Mariscal for Amax Talent Agency. Additional images from Easy Food, Brady Family, Cheryl Bridges, Heather Laik, Hillmon Family, Marilyn Bamberger Laik, Marsha Lake, Missy Marlowe, Shea Ralph, AP, ESPN Images, Getty, Icon Sports Media, Imagine, Pac-12 Network, Bentley Historical Library, Cal Athletics, Cleveland State Athletics, Fresno State Athletics, Georgown University Athletics, Indiana State Athletics, Michigan Athletics, Michigan State Athletics, Octabean University Archives, Pit Athletics, UN Athletics, UN Athletics, UN Athletics, UNTAT. Athletics

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