Colorado Avalanche Promotes Joe Sackick as President of Hockey Operations, Chris McFarland as GM

Colorado Avalanche is changing its front office after winning the Stanley Cup.

Executive Vice President / General Manager Joe Sakik has been appointed President of the Hockey Operations Team, paving the way for Assistant GM Chris McFarland to take over as the fifth General Manager in the history of the Colorado team.

McFarland completed its seventh season as an avalanche assistant GM.

Sakik took over as general manager in September 2014. The Hockey Hall of Famer and the former Avalanche Star Center oversaw the reconstruction, during which Colorado produced defender Kale Makar and right-winger Miko Rentanen, while the center made bold deals for players such as Nazem Qadri and defender Devon Toz. , Avalanches entered the playoffs for four consecutive seasons before winning the 2022 Stanley Cup Championship at Tampa Bay Lightning.

In last week’s NHL Draft in Montreal, Sakik was named the 2021-22 Jim Gregory General Manager of the Year.

“Who’s cool. I think sometimes in pro sports it goes through a few cycles. Staying nice all the time is the hardest thing,” said Avalanche owner Stan Croenke after winning the cup in Tampa.

Going upwards, McFarland sustains the avalanche. The 52-year-old has been chased by several teams that have hired general managers over the past few seasons after Avalanche refused to be interviewed for jobs such as the opening in San Jose.

McFarland was a member of Columbus Blue Jackets’ hockey operations division for 16 years. He helped Sakik on all matters related to hockey and helped build an avalanche team to win the trophy after joining the team under Sakik’s leadership in May 2015.

McFarland to get job: Only 16 players are under contract for next season, including eight forwards in Colorado. Also, discussions are expected to intensify with superstar Nathan McKinnon, who is a year away from arbitrary free agency.

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