Colorado Avalanche extends new goaltender Alexander Georgiev, 26, extends three-year contract

Colorado Avalanche has signed banned free agent Alexander Georgiev for a three-year extension, the club announced Sunday.

Financial details were not disclosed in the release, but sources confirmed to ESPN that the deal comes with AAV 3.4 million (total 10.2 million).

Colorado bought Georgiev’s negotiating rights from the New York Rangers during last week’s NHL entry draft, replacing Netminder as New York’s third and fifth-round pick in the 2022 draft.

With a .898 saving percentage and an average of 2.92 goals against a 15-10-2 record, the 26-year-old is playing an average season behind Vegina Trophy winner Igor Shesterkin. This was a good figure for the five years Georgiev spent at the organization (.909, 131 matches, 2.93).

However, the business was not surprising. Georgiev was unhappy with his role in New York before reaching the Shesterkin Rangers’ clear No. 1 pick.

New York had previously bought Georgiev, but to no avail. This time, the Rangers found a business partner who would expect Georgiev to load the net.

“When (Georgiev) was a starter, he played really well, and he wanted a big chance and he got that chance,” Avalanche general manager Joe Sakik said Thursday. “He was challenging. What I like about it is that it was played in a big market. He was in New York. He can deal with many such things. We are waiting for him. “

Georgiev’s acquisition had a positive effect on current Colorado starter Darcy Kumper. The giant is a pending unrestricted free agent who was previously expected to at least find its options in the open market and will now manage several contenders for its services when the free agency launches on July 13th.

Powell, who has backed Cooper for the past two seasons, will compete for playing time for Francois Georgiev. With a 2.81 GAA and .906 savings percentage, Francois was 6-0 for Colorado after the season.

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