Colin Cowhard plays the ‘Kevin Durant Trade Game’

Kevin Durant Requested from business Brooklyn leader Last week – and since then, the trade situation has been chaotic.

As you can guess, the asking price for the 12-time All-Star is pretty high, especially considering what the Utah Jazz got for Rudy Gobert of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

In Friday’s “The Heard”, Colin Cowhart revealed to a group of players that he would not trade with Durant (not shot) and others who would have to think carefully before signing a contract (on IT sleep).

Who will trade for Colin Cowhard Kevin Durant?

Who will trade for Colin Cowhard Kevin Durant?

Brooklyn net Kevin Durant (on request) is considering trading. However, according to Brian Windhorst, the Nets did not get the ‘bid war’ they expected. Colin Cohart evaluates what he says about KD.

See the list of Gopals below:

No shot

Anthony EdwardsMinnesota Timberwolves

Colin’s thoughts: “This guy hasn’t entered his prime. When he does in two years, he’ll have at least 10 years of prime. He’s nothing for me right now and he has an average of only 25 points in the playoff series.”

Go to Morant, Memphis Grizzlies

Colin’s thoughts: “He’s a more exciting player, so he’s more marketable.” [than Durant], He is fully committed to Memphis. The city is in love with him. He averages 27 points per game and is a mountaineer shooter.

Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks

Colin’s thoughts: “Nothing. He’s a good defensive player, he can be a more effective offensive player, and he’s fully committed. Milwaukee will be angry if you replace Giannis for Kevin Durant. People will be angry if you take that step.”

Luca Donico, Dallas Mavericks

Colin’s thoughts: “Luca will score an average of 28 or more points per game for 12 consecutive years. His body is big, fat, so injury is probably not a big deal and he is the next best scorer in the league. “

Sleep on it

Jason Tatum, Boston Celtics

Colin’s thoughts: “Tatum played KD in the playoff series this year and I think he has overtaken him. Jason has no ego. Jason is omnipotent. Jason is committed. Jason is not impulsive. Jason is a great defensive player when he wants to be. I’ll sleep on it, but it won’t move. “

Zion Williamson, New Orleans Pelican

Colin’s thoughts: “With Zion, I will move on. I love Zion, but her injuries have driven me crazy and now it has become very expensive. However, when Zion is healthy, its number will be reduced.”

Trey Young, Atlanta Hawks

Colin’s thoughts: “He is not playing any defense. I’m not sure what kind of leader he is, but I think if you take him to Durant, people will be in Atlanta, I really think. There is magic in this man. “

Devin Booker, Phoenix Sun.

Colin’s thoughts: “I think Devin is a really good player, but I don’t think he’s an alpha leader. I don’t think he’s a great defensive player. He’s a good shot maker, but he’s not Durant. If I want to make it, come on, I’ll do it. “

Donovan Mitchell, Attah Jajju

Colin’s thoughts: “I could probably have taken that step. He’s not defending much anymore, and he had Gobert’s condition, which wasn’t ideal.”

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