Chiranjeevi’s godfather is the second godfather in Telugu cinema; Learn about it first

Last Updated: 09 July 2022, 18:15 IST

Chiranjeevi has recently changed the spelling of his name on the advice of a famous numerologist.

Chiranjeevi changed his name and added an extra e for Godfather.

Chiranjeevi is in the discussion with his latest project Godfather, which is currently ready. The first look teaser of the film was well received by the fans. The title of the film was shared by a cult classic favorite, Al Pacino’s The Godfather. Chiranjeevi’s latest project is titled with the second Telugu film of 1995 with the same title.

The Godfather is the official Telugu remake of the 2019 Malayalam film Lucifer, starring Mohanlal in the lead role. The title of the film is actually shared with the 1995 Telugu film starring Kodi Ramakrishna directed by Vinod Kumar and Akkineni Nageshwar Rao.

Chiranjeevi has recently changed the spelling of his name on the advice of a famous numerologist. The actor has added an extra e to his spelling and now he reads Chiranjeevi.

The film is directed by Mohan Raja and funded by Conidela Production Company and Super Good Films. Nayantara will be seen with Chiranjeevi in ‚Äč‚Äčthis film.

Salman Khan is making his Telugu debut from this film, replacing Prithviraj in the remake. The film is shot by Nirav Shah and directed by Suresh Selvarajan. Thaman will give music. The film is set to release on Dussehra this year.

Chiranjeevi had recently appeared in Acharya. His sons Ram Charan and Pooja Hegde also had important roles in the film. Despite strong performances and commercials, the picture failed to captivate the audience and was considered a disaster. The audience had high expectations from this father and son, but they did not materialize.

After Godfather, Chiranjeevi will also be seen in Meher Ramesh’s Bhola Shankar. Vedalam has been remade in Telugu. He will soon be seen in another Bobby directed film, Voltaire Veeraiya.

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