At the Austrian Grand Prix, Hamilton was ‘nassed’ amid reports of racist, homophobic and abusive behavior.

The Red Bull Ring hosts Formula One this weekend, but the behavior of supporters has already made headlines again and again.

Mercedes driver Hamilton questioned the crowd as many were excited after the crash involving the seven-time world champion on Friday.

The 37-year-old described the reaction from supporters as “mind-boggling”, with many of his supporters being house favorite Max Verstapen, who was mocked by some sections of the crowd at the British Grand Prix last weekend.

Race Weekend in Spielberg has also seen news of sexual and homophobic atrocities, and F1 has issued a statement saying it is investigating the cases on Sunday.

Hamilton has since taken to Instagram to protest the behavior in Austria, where abuse and harassment have clouded the season’s 11th race.

“I was disappointed and disappointed to hear that some fans on the circuit this weekend are facing racist, homophobic and generally abusive behavior,” Hamilton posted.

“Participating in the Austrian Grand Prix or any GP should not be a cause of concern and pain for the fans and something should be done to ensure that the races are safe places for all.

“Please, if you see this happening, report it to Circuit Safety and @ f1, we can’t sit down and continue.”

Hamilton, looking for his first win of the 2022 campaign, will start the race with eighth-ranked Verstappen after a victory in Saturday’s sprint.

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