Alabama’s Javian Cohen opens up on mental health, says he spent months in rehabilitation facility

Alabama offensive lineman Xavian Cohen revealed in an Instagram post on Tuesday that he spent the past month in a rehabilitation facility in Massachusetts for mental health reasons.

,[T]Cohen wrote in his post, “We feel this pressure because athletes are overwhelming and can sometimes be overwhelming.”[I] While not wanting to focus on the bad, [I] I want to shed light on what happened. ”

One of the biggest lessons Cohen learned in Herren Wellness is “It’s okay not to be okay but it’s okay to say you’re not okay.”

Herren Wellness was founded by Chris Herren, a former professional basketball player who fought drug addiction and calmed down in 2008. Herren had previously traveled to Alabama as a guest speaker for coach Nick Saban.

Cohen, a junior from Phoenix City, had only started one game last season, losing one game due to injury.

In his post, Cohen wrote that he initially felt he had no basis and “no way to express my feelings … without justice.”

,[B]By coming here, I taught myself and many people around me that this is not true, ”he wrote.[B]Being weak does not make you weak, it shows how strong you are. “

Cohen encouraged others to “stand up for their mental health” and not be afraid to seek help.

A survey by the NCAA last year found that student-athletes “continue to report high levels of mental health anxiety.”

The NCAA surveyed 9,808 male and female athletes and found that while two-thirds of respondents knew where to go on campus for mental health concerns, only 47% thought they could personally contact a mental health provider on campus. It would be easy to ask for support. .

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The NCAA’s findings, published in May, found that 63% of respondents felt that their coaches took their teammates ‘mental health concerns seriously, and 53% said their coaches cared about their players’ mental health. Take it seriously. .

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