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When he came to Mumbai, the city of his dreams, three decades ago, Delhi’s son Shah Rukh Khan would never have imagined. King: In Hindi cinema and seeing the superstar as a milestone on Saturday, he is grateful for the people who stood behind him. Shah Rukh Khan, 56, made his acting debut in a television show Peon And CircusShe made her Bollywood debut in June 1992 CrazyWith Divya Bharti and veteran actor Rishi Kapoor.

In his first Instagram live, the superstar traveled through memory lanes, sharing his journey to stardom, which began with a desire to work in five-seven films, not many.

He said, “Looks like I started working yesterday. I never thought I would live to be 30 years old. I came to Mumbai in the hope that I would be able to work for a year or two and make 5-7 films. “

Shah Rukh Khan said that if things don’t happen, he plans to do some work in the film industry because cinema inspired him the most.

“I always thought I would find a job in the media or do something related to movies, be it setup or sound assistant. I just love movies, so I always thought if I didn’t get a job, actor, I would go back to Mumbai and work on other people’s sets. Movies inspire and delight me. ”After his successful debut CrazySRK plays the role of the next door boy Miracle, Raju became a gentleman And Never yes Before experimenting with gray characters in films like the others Magician, door And Results,

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She returned to romance from Aditya Chopra’s iconic film Brave hearts will carry the bride, Which established him as one of the top stars in the country. He has other blockbuster movies Sometimes happiness, sometimes sorrow, give Devdas, Swades, Chak! India, Main Hoon Na, My Name Is Khan And Chennai Express,

Shah Rukh Khan said that he loves the process of making a film and tries to do something new every time.

“It’s not about an amazing scene or killing it. The main effort is to try something new in the form of a commercial film. It’s great to celebrate 30 years on the set of a movie. Yesterday I went on set around half past four and shot until half past eight in the morning. Celebrating 30 years and 15 hours a day of my career in filmmaking was, in my opinion, the most satisfying part. Superstar’s last big screen release was 2018 ZeroWhich did not live up to expectations. During the live session, Khan revealed that four years ago he stopped enjoying work as an artist and decided to take a break.

“The process of making a film is the most important thing to me. 90% of my work is that I enjoy the process of becoming an actor. I didn’t work out for years because I stopped enjoying it four years ago. And 10 percent of that – hopefully everyone will like it because everyone works so hard. ”Khan is now back on screen with the action film“ Pathan ”, which is set to release in January 2023 and he is already shooting for two more feature projects. Is – Dunkick And Young,

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“I find it very exciting to just go on set and create something I know that will eventually make someone laugh. It can touch someone’s life and make a difference in someone’s day or moment.

He said, “And if I can make a positive change in your mood, it inspires me. I do even the smallest thing, I enjoy getting up in the morning and coming to the set. ”

Comparing an actor’s life to that of an athlete, the superstar said that success and failure are part of the game, but no one stops trying.

“Filmmaking is like running 100 meters. You train for 2-3 years. Some days you break world records. Some days, you lower the block. You get cramps in a few days. A few days ago someone at the finish line pinched you.

“So you try your best and you prepare well for it but you don’t know what could go wrong in those 10 seconds. We always try to do our best in the race and hopefully it will be useful for everyone. ” Khan said the whole concept of working for him is to believe that the film he is currently doing is “the best thing I can do”.

“It’s the only way you can keep working for 30 years without getting bored, tired or frustrated,” he said.

Yashraj Films released Khan’s First Look Cutting: On Saturday, the actor completed 30 years in the film industry.

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