PGA Possibilities: US Open Final Lines and Best Bets

Crowd Leaderboard for the final round of the 122nd US Open at the Country Club in Brooklyn, Mass. On Sunday.

Co-leaders Will Zlatoris and Matthew Fitzpatrick are 4-under-206 after Saturday’s third round, but there are eight golfers in four shots, with some big names hidden.

Let’s take a look at some of the best islands for the final match from our experts at Fox Island.

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In the third round, the contestants blew Bhondubaba’s senses. 23 players advanced to the third round; At the end of the round, there were nine draws.

Fox Island sports trader Dylan Brosman explains that the US Open winner has been in the final two shots 23 times in the last 25 events.

A devastating double-bogie 6 on the 18th hole led third-place finisher John Rahm to the third-place finish, one shot behind co-leaders Zalotoris and Fitzpatrick, who won the 2013 U.S. Amateur in Brooklyn.

Brossman still loves Rahm, his pre-competition selection, double bogey flick and defending the US Open title.

“Rahman hit the ball well on Saturday and caught a handful,” Brossman said. “After some mistakes, he was able to regain his composure and despite his disappointing performance, he is in good condition on Sunday.

“I hope his experience and clutch put will give him one win after another at the US Open.”

And if you’re looking for a long shot, look no further than Rory McIlroy!

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“If anyone is able to make a comeback on Sunday, it’s Rory,” Brossman said.

McIlroy, his fifth major and second US Open title winner, finished seventh with four bogeys.

An amazing name on the leaderboard is Keegan Bradley, 2011 PGA Championship winner and 2011 PGA Rookie of the Year. Bradley, two shots behind and tied for fourth, finished 22nd in the 2015 Masters and finished in the final major. Can village pores run on Sundays?

Somehow, Brosman is spending Sunday with Reham and Rory!

Select: John Rahman wins US Open (+400 on Fox Island, bet $ 10 to win a total of $ 50,

Long shot pick: Rory McLaughlin wins US Open+1000 on Fox Island, bet $ 10 to win a total of $ 110,

Here are the top nine players on the leaderboard who are likely to advance to the finals:

Matthew Fitzpatrick +333 (Total ण्यासाठी 43.30 bets to win 10)
Zlatoris +350 (bet $ 10 to win a total of 45)
Jon Rahm +400 (bet $ 10 to win a total of 50)
Scotty Schaeffler +600 (bet $ 10 to win a total of 70)
Rory McIlroy +1000 (bet $ 10 to win a total of $ 110)
Keegan Bradley +1400 (bet $ 10 to win a total of 150)
Sam Burns +1600 (bet $ 10 to win a total of $ 170)
Adam Hadwin +2200 (bet $ 10 to win a total of $ 230)
Joel Dahman +5000 (bet $ 10 to win a total of 510)

So who did you go with to win the US Open? Now go to Fox Island to make your money!

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