Modern Love Hyderabad, Gone Game 2 and Ranveer Singh’s Adventures with Bare Grills

In another week, another new set of OTT releases. Modern Love Hyderabad, the second Indian adaptation of a series of three local editions of Modern Love, has been released on Amazon Prime Video. Kamal Haasan’s latest action movie Vikram, after its theatrical release, has now been released on Disney + Hotstar. While he is adventurous on screen, Ranveer Singh embraces some real life challenges in the jungle with existential bare grills, which you can watch on Netflix.

Here are more details about the new releases this week.

Modern Love Hyderabad (Amazon Prime Video)

Love has the power to attract, to provoke, to hurt, but it has more power to heal than anything else. Modern Love Hyderabad presents a beautiful bouquet of love exploring the various emotions and relationships set in the culturally vibrant city of Hyderabad. The new Telugu Amazon Original series brings a love life story that is truly unique to the local etiquette and essence of modern Hyderabad. Inspired by the famous New York Times column, Modern Love Hyderabad has put together six heartbreaking episodes of love directed by a talented filmmaker including Telugu industry’s Nagesh Kukunur, Venkatesh Maha, Uday Gurla and Devika Burhadhanam and Nitya Menon, Revati. . , Adhi Pinicetti, Ritu Verma, Abhijit Dudala, Malvika Nair, Suhasini Mani Ratnam, Naresh Agastya, Ulka Gupta, Naresh and Komali Prasad.

Vikram (Disney + Hotstar)

Kamal Haasan starrer ‘Vikram’ has become a hit in cinemas and is now also available on OTT. The film has grossed over Rs 300 crore at the box office. It is Kamal Haasan’s return to the silver screen after three years, and an action-packed entertaining film starring Vijay Sethupati and Fahad Fasil. All three artists are national award winners. The film follows a special Black Ops team tasked with tracking down and removing a group of masked assassins.

Ranveer vs Wild with Bare Grills (Netflix)

Netflix India’s first adventurous interactive special ‘Ranveer Vs Wild with Bare Grills’ pulls superstar Ranveer Singh out of his comfort zone and takes him into the jungle. Leaving behind the comforts of urban life, Ranveer is seen risking his life for one thing – the love of his life, while heading into the unforgivable jungles of Serbia while trading the comforts and fashion of cosmopolitan Mumbai. A rare flower. From rocky terrain to facing violent wolves, he is making his way with brave bare grills. A longtime fan of the man known as the “King of the Jungle”, Ranveer has gone to the moon to join the bear for this lifelong adventure. In the jungle, Ranveer performs his own stunts for the first time, learning new survival skills from Bear the Intrapid Explorer, who at one point helps him inform Ranveer that he has a wolf stain on his forehead.

Gone Game Season 2 (Who Select)

Directed by Abhishek Sengupta and produced by Bodhitri Multimedia, The Gone Game S2 features the brilliant performances of Sanjay Kapoor, Arjun Mathur, Shweta Tripathi Sharma, Shriya Pilgaonkar and Dibyendu Bhattacharya, with Harleen Sethi and Divyendu Bhattacharya resuming their roles. Amit Jayarath joins the talented cast. Season 1, the first to be filmed entirely at home after the lockdown, explores the epidemic paranoia and the fear of encountering an unknown virus, while Season 2, spread over 5 episodes, plunges into the post-epidemic world. Where the secrets of the lockdown have been revealed and the Gujral family is in danger of a new, more pressured one.

The chase of Sahil Gujral (Arjun Mathur), who absconded after a financial scam of Rs 300 crore, continues. The game turns bloody when Sahil’s wife Suhani Gujral (Shriya Pilgaonkar) is shot a few days before her husband’s truth is revealed. The shocking murder has boosted the investigation into the Gujral family as they have become key suspects in the national scam. Is Gujral guilty of killing people or are some other big secrets hidden in front of everyone?

Who is Ghiselin Maxwell? (Lionsgate Play)

Based on the life of the daughter of former British socialite and biggest media tycoon Robert Maxwell, who is Ghiselin Maxwell? From socialite to sex offender and American financier and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein finds himself in serious trials for helping underage and sexually exploit underage girls. It is full of eye-opening and shocking details about his personal life as well as insights from close friends and colleagues who have never spoken publicly about his personality before. The documentary seeks to delve deeper into her life about who she was before meeting Jeffrey Epstein, leading the judge to what he called a “terrible plan” that led to all the incidents that caused “immense” harm to the victims. This series will follow all of his trials leading up to the sentence and everything in between.

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