Goodbye with a heavy heart

Actor Dheeraj Dhupar has not yet realized that he is no longer a part of Kundli Bhagya.

Dheeraj Dhupar, who played the lead role in the popular TV show Kundli Bhagya, is leaving the show after 5 years.

Dheeraj Dhupar, popular for his role as Karan Luthra in Daily Soap Opera Kundli Bhagya, is leaving the show. The actor has finally revealed about his exit. In a recent interview with ETimes, Dheeraj also revealed his future plans and the reasons behind his exit from the show.

Speaking of leaving it, Dheeraj shared that he and the show’s creators have decided to leave the show mutually and amicably. “KB (Kundli Bhagya) has given me name, fame and stardom. I love my character Karan Luthra so much. But moving on from the show was the demand of the script and the need of the hour. The creators and I came to this conclusion mutually and amicably, “said Dheeraj.

Dheeraj also shared that I am thankful to Ekta Kapoor for creating an amazing character for her. Dheeraj said that his departure was a coincidence that he was getting other opportunities.

Speaking about the last few days on the set, Dheeraj said, “I still can’t believe I’m no longer part of the horoscope. Emotions have not diminished yet. Karan and Dheeraj are the same and so I can’t separate from Karan. I’m saying goodbye to KB with a heavy heart, but as I said, this is the right time for the show and for me to start a new journey.

Dheeraj has been a part of the show for the last five years and Shraddha Arya is in the lead role. The actor further spoke about his future opportunities and mentioned that he is trying to get into Bollywood, Punjabi films and OTT space. Dheeraj also mentioned that he will not leave the small screen for any other medium and would like to be connected with interesting projects regardless of any medium.

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