Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has joined the new ownership group of the Denver Broncos

Englewood, Colo. – Former United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has joined the upcoming ownership group for the Denver Broncos.

Rice, who has also served as national security adviser and provost at Stanford University, lived in Denver as a child and earned a bachelor’s degree as well as a doctorate from the University of Denver.

In June, a group led by Walmart successor Rob Walton, which included Walton’s daughter Carrie Walton Penner, her husband Greg Penner and co-CEO of Ariel Investments and Melody Hobson, board chairman of Starbucks Corporation, sold the Broncos for 65 4.65. Agreed to purchase. Billion.

In a statement Monday, Walton said: “We are delighted to welcome former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice into our ownership group. She is the daughter of a football coach and has served on the inaugural College Football Playoff Committee … Her unique experience and exceptional decisions will greatly benefit our group and the Broncos. “

The team’s sale, which was for a record price given to the North American sports franchise, is subject to review by the NFL and must be approved next week by a full vote of the NFL owners. Twenty-four yes votes are required to be formally approved for sale.

It will take 60 to 90 days for the sale to be approved and the contract closed.

The Walton-Penner group, according to several sources, was one of four groups to reach the second round of bidding for the team in early June. The Broncos are the NFL’s most successful franchise of the Super Bowl era, having won three Super Bowls during Pat Bolan’s tenure and now have a few deep-pocketed ownership groups.

Greg Penner and Carrie Walton Penner are expected to play a key role in the team’s day-to-day operations, and the current CEO of the Broncos, Joe Ellis, formally named the team Febru. 1 was put up for sale. The new owner will be “visible” to the community and understand the location of the Broncos in the state and territory of Denver, Colorado.

With the onset of Alzheimer’s disease in July 2014, Bolan ended an eight-year Odyssey with the sale of a team 30 years away from the day-to-day running of the proprietary team. Bolen passed away in 2019.

Bolan has never formally declared a successor among his children, and when he moved away from the team’s daily routine, he was interested in a trusted team under Alice’s supervision (about 78% at the time). , Broncos attorney Rich Slivka and Denver attorney Mary Kelly.

This was followed by a lawsuit between family members, harsh words and court dates matching Mrs. Streak on the ongoing six-year playoff field. The team’s Super Bowl 50 victory in the 2015 season was the last game the Broncos have played since the season.

The sale agreement with the Walton-Penner Group means Walton and Stan Croenke, Walton’s married cousin, will own five of the six major commercial sports franchises in Colorado. In addition to the state-owned regional media company, Croenke has a team of Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Rapids and Colorado Mammoth Lacrosse.

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