Andrew Benintendi, Whit Maryfield 10 Vaccinated Kansas City Royals players out for Toronto Blue Jays series

Ten Kansas City Royals players will not travel for the team’s series in Toronto this week as they have not received the Covid-19 vaccination this season, along with their top four hitters and their best two starting pitchers.

Canada Outfielder Andrew Benitendi, Super Utilityman Whit Maryfield, Catcher MJ Melandez, First Baseman / Outfielder Hunter Dossier, Brad Keller with Right Hand, Brady Singer with Right Hand, Vaccines Needed for Cross-Border Trips in Center. Taylor will be impressed. Outfielder Kyle Isabel, reliever Dylan Coleman and catcher Cam Gallagher.

Players who have not been vaccinated and do not travel to Toronto are placed on the banned list and service time is lost and they are paid for losing four games. Prior to Kansas City, a team in Toronto had lost a maximum of four players and a total of 25 players had entered the banned list due to non-vaccination.

Benitendi is the only 2022 All-Star in the group. The Royals found a .317 trade with a 35-53 record after beating Detroit on Wednesday afternoon and hit a free agency this winter, the 28-year-old batsman said.

Melandez, a Maryfield rookie whose 553-game Iron Man streak injured his toe, has been out for the past two days batting at the front. Dozier has been a regular cleanup hitter for the Royals. Edward Olivers is the only vaccinated outfielder on the Royals’ active roster.

Kansas City is looking for reinforcements from their AAA and AA rosters to fill their roster. The series starts on Thursday.

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