Aai Kuthe Kay Karte’s Rupali Bhosle looks very beautiful in a red saree.

Rupali has also shared an Instagram reel while doing makeup.

Rupali Bhosle even wore a classic red sari from Benaras.

No matter how beautiful the dress looks, the beauty of the sari will never change. When it comes to sarees, actress Rupali Bhosale is the best choice. She shared a photo of her latest look on the set of Ai Kuthe Ke Karte. There was an all-glam look for the special Vat Pournima part. Rupali is playing the role of Sanjana in this series.

And, the best thing about these pictures is that Rupali has done all the makeup herself. He has shared these photos with the caption ‘Sanjana’.

Although Rupali Bhosle was seen in the red saree of Benaras. Silver bangles, neckpieces and garlands make an attractive style statement. Laughing in front of the cameras with the pooja plate, she stunned millions of minds. Rupali’s fans complimented her look in the comments section.

Rupali has also shared an Instagram reel while doing makeup. His crew members helped him a bit. After this, Rupali completed all the rituals of worship.

This is the story of Arundhati, a housewife who goes to make her mark. She does this when the family of Deshmukh (her father-in-law) takes her lightly. Rupali plays Sanjana who starts a relationship with Aniruddha (Arundhati’s husband). Speaking of the Vat Pournima episode, Sanjana has fasted for Aniruddha for the first time.

Despite the negative role played by Rupali, she has touched the hearts of the audience. The number of Rupali fans has also multiplied since the series. In a recent incident, a fan showered admiration on her photo. Fan wrote that he is seen doing mother kuthe for Sanjana’s personality. Needless to say, this is a milestone for Rupali. If we talk about this series where mother does what, then this series is very popular in all Marathi households.

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