A quarrel led MGR to change the role of Bhanumati Ramakrishna in Nadodi Mannan

After this, MGR changed the character of Bhanumati.

Nadodi Mannan was released in 1958 and was a huge success.

Bhanumati Ramakrishna and MG Ramachandran were the most successful actors in Tamil cinema. They have left behind a legacy of classic films that will continue to entertain audiences for decades to come. Although they shared on-screen chemistry on set, there was a time when the two had a minor quarrel. The fight took place during the shooting of Nadodi Mannan. While MGR was often shooting a scene, Bhanumati got angry and got into an argument with him.

According to reports, Bhanumati angrily asked how long MGR would take for a scene. Bhanumati became so angry that she asked him to take her place in Nadodi Mannan. The actress, Emperor Ashoka, had decided to release the film.

No one on the set expected Bhanumati to do that. MGR did not expect Bhanumati to criticize him so harshly. He was not used to other artists speaking against him. Feeling humiliated, he decided to do the same with Pandora.

After this, MGR changed the character of Bhanumati. According to this change, Bhanumathi’s character will die in the first half of the film. Actress Saroja Devi B was added to complete the rest of the film. Nadodi Mannan was released in 1958 and was a huge success. Despite the success, there was a tussle between MGR and Bhanumati. This conflict prevented the two actors from working together in more films.

Apart from MGR, Bhanumati and Saroja Devi B, MN Nambiar, MN Rajam, MG Chakrapani, PS Veerappa was a part of the film. Nadodi tells the story of Mannan Veerangan who meets Prince Martandan in his appearance. A priest seeking a throne for himself poisoned Martandon. Sacrifice eventually takes their place and begins a series of improvements that many do not like. Veerangana is projected as a person who loves democracy.

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