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As one Team India The team is preparing for the two-match T20I series against Ireland in Dublin this month, with the other team preparing for the fifth Test scheduled in England again and the limited overs series thereafter. TOI has learned that several members of the T20I team heading to Ireland could play a T20I match against England after the Test starts in Birmingham on 1 July.
As cricket continues to evolve, more and more countries will have to form separate teams for the series at the same time. England, led by Eoin Morgan, are currently playing a three-match ODI series against the Netherlands, with the other team leading the way. Ben Stokes Test series against New Zealand
With India’s two-match T20I series against Ireland starting June 26, it is time to analyze the importance and overall importance of the major cricket nations facing emerging teams in bilateral series in terms of cricket development. ,

Indian team in England (BCCI photo)
Former Indian cricketer, national selector and general manager of BCCI for cricket operations Saba Karimi There were guests The time of India‘S sports podcast TOI Sportscast He recently shared his experience as a cricket administrator who wants to expand the game of cricket globally and what he needs to do to ensure that cricket has a huge impact around the world.
Saba thinks it is important for the larger and more established cricket nations to play the Mino team regularly.
“I see it as the responsibility of so-called cricket veterans to give opportunities to emerging nations and this is the best way for cricket to grow globally. Cricket should be a game. The best format for this is to play against Ireland, Zimbabwe or any other emerging team. The best format to do this is T20 cricket, as it gives these emerging nations ample opportunity to work hard against such strong teams. Hopefully, because they are playing T20 cricket. On a regular basis, they had hosted some T20Is in the West Indies some time ago, so for Ireland this would be a great opportunity to test their entire system not only against their cricketers but also against a mighty nation like India. Saba Karim said TOI Sportscast,


Saba Karim (TOI photo)
A quick look ICC There are 74 countries listed in the T20I rankings, with India at number one and Estonia at number 74. There are currently 106 ICC member countries, of which only 12 are full members (Test playing nations) and 94 are associate members. While the game has spread to every continent, including Africa, America and Europe, the world cricket legends are few. The rest are still in the early stages of game development and promotion.
There were a staggering 16 teams in the last T20I World Cup in 2021, but 8 of them played in the first round, 4 reached the Super 12, where they were included in 8 qualifying teams based on their rankings (India was the official host).
a FIFA World Cup At the same time, there are 32 teams.
While cricket is developing significantly, its global influence and footprint is only a fraction of the game like football. Football has always been played around the world, and of course, its organizers and regulators have helped make it one of the most popular sports in the world. FIFA has 211 affiliates.
So one day cricket could become a popular and widespread sport like football, maybe in the next twenty years it will move closer to football. Saba Karim feels that the time limit is too short and that cricket as a whole should not compete with football. The former India wicketkeeper thinks one of the best ways to promote the game globally is to try to include it in multi-disciplinary competitions.


(Getty Images)
The Women’s Twenty20 cricket tournament will be held at the Edgbaston Cricket Ground from July 29 to August 7 for the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Birmingham from 28 July.
“It will take less than twenty years for cricket to reach such a stage (on par with football globally), but I have no intention of competing with football, I am looking forward to step into the world of cricket. I’m thinking Cricket now has many continents, for example the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) is hosting some T10 or T20 matches, as well as many continents where many nations are playing against each other and have a system. Through which you can play cricket. Well – there are different stages of qualification – that’s all. The ICC handles this very well. Women cricketers will be participating. From my experience in BCC, I am the General Manager of Cricket Operations and I am the head of ICC. Leela is also a member of the cricket committee – it is clear that most of these nations – 90-95% of these countries need funding from their central government for sports like cricket and to do so – the central agency – they want to be. Whether they are part of a multi-disciplinary program they can reflect and set aside some budget for the promotion of this particular sport. The only way to move the game forward is for nations to play against each other (bilateral series), but it is equally important to have the other side – through multi-disciplinary events and the two together. Can work together, I think. It will be more, ”said Saba Karim. TOI Sportscast,
It will be a pleasure to see cricket back in the Olympics. The game has only been played once on the largest sports stage, and not surprisingly, in Paris in 1900, when Great Britain won the gold medal. There were actually only two participants – Great Britain and host France. Only one match was played and it was given official Olympic status in 1912.
Last year, the ICC reaffirmed its commitment to work together to include cricket in the Olympic program, the 2028 Los Angeles Games Target Edition.

“The ICC is trying to do the same with most cricketing nations (including cricket at the Olympics for each subsequent edition). I believe something like this will happen in 2028 and it will be very good for the game, “added Saba Karim TOI Sportscast,
You can listen to the full episode of TOI Sportscast with Saba Karim here

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