2021-22 NBA season, according to #NBATwitter

By now you know the Golden State Warriors beat the Boston Celtics to win a six-game series in the NBA Finals, which was as unexpected as the Twitter activity of Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embed. What you may not know: How to fill in the gaps in the evening planning that you want to watch high-class basketball.

While we can’t help you with that particular issue, we can make you feel even more nostalgic by repeating some defined #NBATwitter moments from the last nine months for the 2021-22 season – the spirit we already have, very well done.

If you’re not familiar with the huge sports community #NBATwitter (weird, but okay), some of these might be news to you. If you are a space expert, most of these will be refreshers. Either way, you’ll want to consider the following: #NBATwitter Annual Book. HAGS … means “good summer” for the untrained eye.

Bing Bong was born

Lincoln ran, so “Bing Bong” could run. The New York Knicks season had just begun… it wasn’t. The Subway Doors-inspired Railing Cry – which fans accepted and took their own lives – lasted longer than the Knicks’ winning record, but all the “Bing Bong” hoops are still on NBA Twitter for some fun nights.

This particular night, when Orlando gave New York their first defeat of the season, will probably be a little more interesting for magic fans.

You don’t really like watching it.


It was an option. He took the (big) risk when Kyle Kuzman decided to go out in a big, pink sweater on November 22nd. Fashion-forward (and sometimes weird) fits have long been part of the association’s fabric, but it’s completely different.

To say that #NBATwitter has taken notice is an understatement.

The former Los Angeles Lakers teammate Rough Simmons sweater is priced at $ 1,360.94 for the Washington Wizards Forward.

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“It’s not like you’re wearing it !!!” LeBron James commented on Kuzma’s Instagram post. “I don’t press the like button because it’s an insult!” Anthony Davis echoed LeBron’s feelings, “You sir !!!!” Wrote so

Now you just kd. Know

Listen, on the same day of the NBA All-Star Draft, the basketball gods didn’t let James Harden know about his trade from the Brooklyn Nets to the Philadelphia 76ers. Meanwhile, team captain Kevin Durant did nothing in favor of his former teammate being elected seven times.

Using Rudy Gobert instead of Durant Harden as a last resort? Too upset LeBron’s reaction? Priceless

Troel Embiid has entered the chat

Speaking of former colleagues’ salty reactions, Joel “Troll” was considering embedded trade with Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, Andre Drummond and Paul Millsap and sent the draft to Philly Harden in exchange for selection.

The king of secret tweets enlists the help of a Twitter meme to fully explain his earlier political feelings about Simmons, who was once seen as his running mate.

Even if you may not be online forever, this photo comes from an Instagram user who posted that she appears at “my biggest hate funeral” to make sure her hater is dead.

The release of Simmons’ embed was not the only time online trolls have raised eyebrows this season. During Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Final between Celtics and The Heat, he took Miami to Twitter bots to mourn the need for a second star.

After The Heat removed the 76ers in the final round of the playoffs – and a close relationship with Embed’s former Philly teammate and current Miami star Jimmy Butler – the response from #NBATwitter was immediate and frantic, convincing many fans that Embed is eye-catching. Head south.

LeBron’s deleted tweets … and other music

The thing about the internet is that you can’t Really Take something back. Even if you change your mind or decide to tweet better after a few hours, it is still there when you click on “Send” – this is especially true if your name is LeBron James and you have over 51.5 million followers.

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The same thing happened with the message LeBron shared about the Lakers’ off-season move on August 4, 2021: Do it !!!! And I mean please !!! Give energy when the same story begins! That’s all I ask. ,

If LeBron hadn’t already removed the above, @OldTakesExposed and the Lakers season would have started as it did.

For the benefit of King James, here’s his April 22 tweet he hopes He vowed never to miss a single season again in his career Age is good.

T is Morant’s series

Although Dead Ringer is the father of Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant, there is a great party trick for Usher. It is more useful to have a “uniform looking” cam.

On April 16, Morant’s father T tweeted a comparison to the eight-time Grammy-winning R&B singer. #NBTwitter double downOnly she and Asher were left in the same room. April 26, given to Grizzlies.

The only reason the bizarre resemblance was centered after the tee season. Earlier in the first round of the Memphis series, he played a game with the father of Minnesota Timberwolf star Carl-Anthony Towns, who asked the losing father to put on the winning boy’s jersey.

Not only did Morant win the bet, he also got some early tickets in the process. Not bad for series work.

The saga of ‘Luka Special’

Luka Donsik at his own risk. This is a lesson learned by Devin Booker & Co. during the semifinals of the Western Conference. The series between the Phoenix Sun and the Dallas Mavericks has been in the news since the beginning. But a special game 5 Moments will be the gift that #NBATwitter keeps giving to the faithful.

In the third quarter, Dorian Finney-Smith fouled Booker, as the sun flew over the mouse, as the Phoenix guard approached Cordon. Booker went downstairs and stayed there to sell the foul. When Cortside was caught by the fan, he was not injured, but was smiling. Behind him He said he was doing ‘Luka Special’.

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As you may recall, the Mavs won Game 6 and forcibly won Game 7 in which the +6.5 Underdogs lost 123-90. Dallas was led by Donsick, who scored 35 points, 10 boards and 4 assists in just 30 minutes of victory. “You can’t take that smile off my face right now,” Donsick said after the victory. “I’m so happy.”

Once fans found a picture of Luke unofficially smiling in a book in Game 6, “Luca Special” takes on a whole new meaning,

Dallas Fort Worth Airport also joined.

There is no such thing as a “lil” being trolled by a public transport center.

Pat Bev Condemnation CP3

After the premature exit of the sun from the season, it wasn’t just Debuk. The morning after the Game 7 blowout, Timberwolves guard Patrick Beverly joins First Take and Get Up! To share your thoughts on what happened – and when.

Beverly left no stone unturned in accepting beef with Chris Paul from high school. He compared the All-Star to a practice cone 12 times.

#NBATwitter came alive in support of CP3, the general consensus is: don’t say that.

Curry guess

Not to rekindle the animosity between Ol ‘Stephen Curry and LeBron James, but in the story of the two proclamations, one old man is much better than the other. Curry’s announcement came true after the Grizzlies were eliminated from the play-in tournament in 2021.

But before the Warriors won the Larry O’Brien Trophy for the fourth time in eight seasons and Steve won the previous Evil Finals MVP award, Candace Parker appeared for the Golden State Star. 8 games against Trey Young and the Atlanta Hawks, Parker said Steve would have a 50-piece.

Sometimes 50 points and 10 assists came and the Chicago Sky Stars looked prophetic.

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